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From owners of Toronto’s most beloved Pai, Chef Nuit & Jeff Regular have unveiled their newest addition to their line of Thai restaurants: Kiin.

In Thai, ‘Kiin’ means eat! And eat, I will. Except for the unique fresh-flown produce from Thailand, you will not find any dishes similar to Pai. Instead, Kiin’s menu revolves around Royal Thai cooking, with dainty bites meant for savoring. Kiin presents an elevated Thai experience, with at least 5 ingredients on the menu that you have never had before. I was introduced to wing beans and the use of white turmeric in rice.

Chef Nuit took inspiration when decorating Kiin from the high school she attended in Thailand; skimming through pictures on her phone it was evident that, strong tones were taken from the marble flooring, almost pink pastel exterior, soft gray shutters, and gold accents. The results of this inspiration? Absolutely gorgeous.

Kiin // 326 Adelaide St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1R3

Kiin - Royal Thai PlatterKiin, Adelaide West Kiin, Adelaide West

Roy Thai, royal thai platter with mha hor, chor ladda, rhoom and thoong thong

Yum Tua Plu, wing beans with chili shrimp paste, toasted coconut, peanut ad soft boiled egg – $15

Each dish was an absolute surprise, with new learnings that came with the dish, from the eating style to the ingredients that made it stand out. Royal Thai cuisine is said to be detail intensive and effortless for the eater. We were served a wonderfully flavoured sea salt-crusted whole sea bream, stuffed with a fragrant thai garlic and the whole fish was deboned, right before us. Special favourites of this evening were the royal thai platter, an absolute must try to really get a diverse amount of flavours in just four small pieces, and the sea salt-crusted sea bream.

Each of the drinks, alcoholic or not were also fabulous choices. My favourite of the cocktail side was the bourbon sour (rimmed with a lilac sugar) and alcohol-free, was the iced tea pandan (see below); the gradient of this beverage was lovely to look at on it’s own!

A one-in-a-kind experience, Chef Nuit brings the fading out Royal Thai cuisine justice, and it’s such a treat that it is within reach in Toronto! We’re all so lucky to live in this city.

Kiin, Khao Yum
Kiin, Adelaide West Kiin, Adelaide West

Khao Yum, jasmine rice with white turmeric, long beans, lemongrass, sawtooth coriander, kaffir lime leaves, cucumber, toasted coconut, pomelo, fried chili, sunflower sprouts, edible flowers, tamarind, and soybean sauce – $24

Pandan thai iced tea with butterfly pea flower – $6

Chef Nuit’s choice of Dessert, flown from Thailand: King Mango, Mangosteen, Longan, and Rambutan — to be eaten from sour to sweet (which, surprisingly, longan is on the sour end).

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Interior photos by Jesse Milns