Growing up, we would enjoy instant noodles at least once a week. Spam was a welcome & easy treat: sliced, pan-fried and served on top of a bowl of instant noodles. A decade later, I cautiously stock at least one can in my pantry to enjoy whenever that craving hits. It’s so easy to prepare. Although I haven’t ventured away from slices or dices (for fried rice), I’ve also discovered from the recipe page that it can also be served deep-fried (as batons, to make fries) & boiled (to make dumplings)

For those that are unfamiliar with Spam, allow me to introduce you: they’re made up of 100% pure pork & ham. Including the less sodium Spam, they also have less fat, and fun additions like bacon!

 Throughout this post, we tried the less sodium Spam for the first time, and it had the exact same delish’ taste as the Classic! Inspired by the Spam Instant Noodles recipe, we decided to take the base (of pan-fried slices & egg), and add a few delicious additions.

Make your favourite instant noodles as usual, and consider these 3 ways to take it a step further. Here are a few ways to top your Instant Noodles:

instant noodles ramen shin ramyun spam corn egg vegetables green onion
  1.   Add a protein (or two).

This is where a slice of Spam (or three comes in)! A quick pan-fry of a slice of Spam, and it transforms into a savoury & crisp classic that you will crave. An egg is also always a must for me! If I’m able to prepare in advance, I love a ramen egg, but depending on how you’re feeling, I’d recommend either a poached (in the ramen broth) or sunny side up egg. You can really go any way with the protein, whether it’s leftovers of that Sunday roast, or a handful of fish balls from your freezer.

  1.   Get your vegetables in!

A bundle of greens in my dish feels like the perfect balance for me to enjoy the bowl. Search through your fridge for that last bundle of enoki, peashoots or lettuce (boil in broth), and/or even canned corn makes a sweet addition.

  1.   Top it well.

Instant noodles are simply not the same without the toppings. Go any way you like, with some chilli sauce if you need extra heat, sesame seeds, green onion, a crunch with fried shallots, and/or nori.

 Other tips to make your instant noodles more satisfying:

  •         If it’s a soupy instant noodle. Start with less water to mix into the seasoning and scale up the seasoning to your taste. Allows for a more concentrated flavour, and bonus, you’re adding less salt.
  •         If it’s a dry instant noodle. Microwave or pan-fry the once assembled with seasoning to dry out the noodle out and make it a “chewier” texture (trust me on this). 

 Here is how I dressed up two of my favourite instant ramen noodles:

 Noodle 1: Shin Ramyun (Spicy Beef Broth)

instant noodles ramen shin ramyun spam corn egg vegetables green onion
  •         Protein: Spam (pan-fried slices), ramen eggs
  •         Vegetables: peashoots, corn, enoki mushrooms
  •         Toppings: green onion, nori

  Noodle 2: Indomie Mi Goreng (Hot & Spicy Stir Fry)

instant noodles ramen migoreng spam egg dosirac green onion
  •         Protein: Spam (pan-fried strips), egg white
  •         Toppings: egg yolk (to mix in), green onion, fried shallots, sesame seeds

 Those are all my tips for you to create an upgraded bowl of instant noodles.

It’s all about experimenting towards what flavour works best for you – and don’t forget to balance it out with a heap of green veggies. Cooking with Spam is so convenient and easy to enjoy, especially when you’re just looking for a comforting & quick meal. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to do with a can of Spam, check out the many delicious recipes at here.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Spam, but all tasty thoughts & opinions are all my own.