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10 More Things To Do In Montreal

It’s been hard to not think about Montreal. We dedicate a trip every year to kick off the warmer weather. Of course, those are all on hold, so in the meantime… let’s revisit the list and make an update to the Musts in Montreal! It’s been three years since I first made my…

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17 Things to do in Montreal (in 4 Days!)

The desire for a visit to Montreal began in 2013 when I first heard of duck served from a can at Au Pied Du Cochon. The next big ping was discovering the selection of Dieu Du Ciel on tap at (now closed) BarVolo. Arthur surprised me with Montreal as our 1-year trip (the previous…

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When in Montreal: Au Pied De Cochon

My desire to visit Montreal all began with the curiosity of duck-in-a-can. It was an indescribable thrill as we made Au Pied De Cochon our very first meal. But little as I knew of any French, the words directly translated to “To the Foot of the Pig”. With that, all expectations of gluttonous and rich…

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