About Me

Hi! I’m Alice and I love food.
My Australia-bound Sister & I
My Australia-bound Sister & I

I am always on the scout for new places to discover and enjoy, all while habitually documenting the experience ready to share. So, I thought, just as I enjoy reading and hearing about other people’s experiences with restaurants and activities in my city, why not share mine?

I created meetandeats upon my return to this city in 2013 with one mission:

To fall in love with Toronto.

And I have, fairly quickly at that. In 2015 I progressed to create meetandeats as an avenue for me to document the discovery of Toronto treasures, the abundant number of our city’s events, foods that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and eating, sharing my favorite recipes, and of course, be on my journey into becoming an amazing Vietnamese cuisine cook (my role model is you, Pops!)

I hope you stick around, as this is only the beginning.

If you have any inquiries or would simply like to say “hi”, I would love to hear from you by email at info.meetandeats (at) gmail (dot) com

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nora Ereifej says:

    Hi Alice!!!!!

    Love your blog and would enjoy having you eat at Sami’s Cafe in Mississauga! I am inviting you over!


  2. Harlon says:

    Great to find you, fellow Torotonian! Look forward to your tips and ideas. Cheers, Harlon


  3. Anabel Marsh says:

    Ooh, I wish I had known about your blog when we visited Toronto last year! Thanks for visiting The Glasgow Gallivanter.


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