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You’ve had too much fun, once you start looking like a stock photo.

And stock photo, we will! On this merry Wednesday evening, I joined in on a feast cooked in a Best Buy Appliance space by Chef David Rocco and Executive Chef Steve Gonzalez of Baro. The beautiful event was on the third floor of Baro, taking us to a beautiful setting of Southern Italy. The settings, live music, delicious food and amazing company made it all — I was cozied up with Solmaz (from The Curious Creature) and Casey (Canadian Dad, ha of

All of the beautiful, HD photography is by Ryan Emberley. All other photos of this night were taken on my Huawei P10 Plus.

IMG_20170823_205253IMG_20170823_200417-01_1920x1080  IMG_20170823_193214-01_1920x1080

We were treated to a feast for the eyes, and our tastebuds all night! Both Chef Rocco and Gonzales created dishes for all five courses with their own rendition of each. It was all a great show, my favourite were those Roasted Lamb Racks (above). That simplistic salt sprinkle is all that’s needed. Smart shopping. Smart cooking. Smart buying

We dove into delicious dishes like Chef Rocco’s Cavatelli and refreshing fish and salad dishes of Chef Gonzales, all while enjoying a wine pairing with each serving.


Smart Cooking, Smart Shopping & Smart Living.

We got into learning about the newest in Best Buy Appliances, it’s fantastic ‘smart’ features and highly energy-efficient capabilities. Each piece was modern, slick, and matched one another perfectly. The most mind-blowing appliance was the LG French door refrigerator, which allows access the fridge and freezer through four doors, which allows proper ventilation for your contents while being energy-saving! The fridge even allows you to view the fridge’s contents through a camera while you’re away, and can alert you once you are running low on milk! It’s incredible, technology absolutely baffles me.

Thank you to Best Buy & Veritas Communications for inviting me to dine with them on such a momentous event! Check the range out for yourself, both in-store and online.

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And of course, I couldn’t not include this most epic shot of the night: Chef Rocco making a red wine risotto.