It’s Summer time! I’m taking all of the opportunities to spend the time outside — rain or shine. Moxie’s Bar & Grills is also celebrating the sunshine in the greatest way, with ‘Hard’ Lemonade at all Moxie’s & Pop Up’s all over the city. What’s ‘Hard’ lemonade? That’s serving up delicious vodka- spiked lemonade at restaurants and various pop-ups! When they invited me to come down, and have a drink or two, I accepted with glee.

Enter to Win a $150 Gift Card to enjoy #MoxiesHardLemonade

We made our visit to Moxie’s Hard Lemonade Pop-Up at Marilyn Bell Park during the GWN Dragon Boat event! Oh boy, I was a paddler in my first year of college, so the adrenaline absolutely rushed through me watching the boats get ready to start!

When life gave Moxie’s lemons… They made, Hard Lemonade!

A very special, thirst quenching cocktail made for patio moments. Moxie’s Hard Lemonade consists of 1.5 shots of Tito’s Vodka, fresh-squeezed lemons and a mix of simple syrup for that right amount of sweetness. And indeed, every sip was just right.

Featured at Moxie’s Bar & Grill location for $7.50, or specially priced at Moxie’s Hard Lemonade Pop-Ups across the city — it’s a sure-thing thirst quencher.


Moxie’s pop-up patio was the perfect space to unwind, and have a squeeze at a lemon-shaped stress ball! Plenty of places to sit back and relax, or dive in and have a go at the mega-sized Jenga blocks. We had our try at a 4-way Jenga challenge. Amidst the drink-after-drink – aside from being the loser- the only thing we each had trouble with was deciding whether to keep the ‘touch it, you pull it’ rule. Moxie’s provided all of the fun in the sun while jamming to the latest tracks spun by the onsite DJ.

#SqueezeSummerHard Giveaway

Although this event was the last of Moxie’s Hard Lemonade Pop-Up,  I’m giving one lucky winner the chance to join Moxie’s Grill & Bar on the patio with a $150 Giftcard to use, and enjoy Hard Lemonade with a bunch of friends!

To enter, follow @MeetAndEats and @Moxies_Official on Instagram, like this photo and tag your patio-loving friend/s.

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