Experiencing the #KrinosFetaCulture

I love feta, and it’s crumbly, milky and salty texture. But, I didn’t know the bounds of feta beyond the good ol’ Greek salad. To this, I was thrilled to be joining in on an evening with Krinos, where I learned about the beauty of feta cheese and all of it’s possible end-forms, from the product to the table.

Learn how you can incorporate feta into your dishes at home: krinos.ca.

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Here’s some top tips that I learnt for optimal feta-consumption:

  • Before eating, remove feta from brine in room temperature for at least 30 minutes to truly get that creamy, rich and salty flavour
  • When keeping feta, it must always be submerged in the ‘brine’. This is the key for keeping feta for up to 12 months, the salt content in feta is a major contributor for allowing it to keep so long!
  • The ‘brine’ can be easily made, dissolving 3 teaspoons of salt in 2 cups of water. Don’t let any surface of the cheese be exposed to air!

During this evening at Peter Pan Bistro, we tried three types of salads using feta, and plenty of both savoury and sweet items. My favourite was a sweet potato poutine (get the recipe, here), topped with the tang of feta, pickled onions and lemon! Products used throughout all 10-courses varied in percentages of Sheep’s & Goat’s Milk, with a crumbly, saltier, or creamier texture. For more tasty recipes and inspiration, there’s more on the website!


As for the pictures, here are the details of inspiring dishes incorporated with feta:

  • Feta Garlic Dip, with toasted flatbread and crudite – Greek Organic Feta (PDO)
  • Baked Feta, with roasted red peppers, olives & capers – Greek Barrel-Aged Feta (PDO)
  • Feta Flatbread, with heirloom potatoes, roasted almond pesto & fresh basil — Greek Barrel-Aged Feta (PDO)
  • Feta & Sweet Potato Poutine, with Greek gravy, tomato, onion & parsley – Bulgarian-style Feta
  • Fruit & Feta Salad, with melon, cherries, rosemary & mint – Feta Light