Touro, Richmond Hill Touro, Richmond HillTouro, Richmond Hill

I’ve heard many great things about Brazilian steakhouses, one is that you must come with a big appetite! A meat-lovers dream, there’s a wide array of high quality Brazilian-style cooked meats brought to your table by the slice. It’s a complete other vision to take in once you experience it all for yourself. Located in Richmond Hill, Touro Steakhouse is the only place of Brazilian all-you-can-eat style restaurant of it’s its uptown! This style of dining is best explained by Touro:

The Rodizio style Brazilian churrascaria or “Steakhouse” offers guests various cuts of  of grilled meats served by Gauchos on skewers, slicing it directly onto each diner’s plate. At Touro, our number one goal is to offer our guests the most authentic Brazilian steakhouse experience in the city.

As a signal towards the delightful servers carrying around the Gauchos, we each had a plastic coaster with red and green on each side, reading ‘No, Thanks‘, and the other as ‘Yes, Please!‘.


The price point depends on the session and day you visit —  Touro is open for both dinner and lunch, and even Sunday brunch! Adults are priced from $24.75 to $49.99, from 5  to up to 12 meat options!

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Touro Brazilian Steakhouse
125 York Blvd, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3B4
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Touro, SteakhouseTouro, Richmond Hill

To start, a visit to the appetizer bar

We began our meal with a visit to the appetizer bar. Our server described it as salad bar — but to our surprise, it was plenty more than just salad! We had a wide assortment of both cold and hot bites, as well as seafood options like mussels and fish, too!

Touro, Richmond HillTouro, Richmond Hill

With one plate of the pickings from the salad & appetizer bar each, we were ready for the meat frenzy! Bring over those meats! Our visit during the dinner session opened our options up to 12 meat cuts + grilled pineapple, where as a visit during lunch would be 8 meat cuts + grilled pineapple. Where you find the worth, depends on what types of cuts you’re after (more details here)!

The meats kept coming. One of us left the coasters flipped to the green side at all times to have a taste of every single meat. Our tasty firsts were the short rib and picanha.

Touro, Richmond HillTouro, Richmond HillTouro, Richmond Hill

Pão de Queijo, AKA the best bread, ever

Next, I have to talk about this Brazilian Cheesey Bread. Our lovely server brought these to our table, and I didn’t think much of it. We had our cuts of meat, bites from the appetizer plate, and after 15 minutes, finally reached for the minimal balls, Upon touch, they were so light that they squished. We ripped one open, the pocket of steam releasing and took a nibble in awe. Wow. It’s like the satisfaction of a grilled cheese sandwich all over. Absolutely beautiful. And of course, another round was requested.

Touro, RIchmond HillTouro, Richmond Hill

Fresh from the grill: meet the meats!

Touro, Richmond Hill

Top Sirloin

Touro, Richmond Hill

Pork Ribs

Touro, Richmond Hill


Touro, Richmond Hill

Beef Short Ribs

Touro, Richmond Hill

Chicken Leg

Touro, Richmond Hill

Grilled Pineapple

The friendly servers even cook your cuts to your liking! We specifically asked for the chicken wings and picanha (cooked rare), and they were quick at that, coming back around in the next 15 minutes! So excited for the juicy bites to come.

Touro, Richmond HillTouro, Richmond Hill

This Brazilian steakhouse is a must try, at least once — it’ definitely meat our expectation! THe service, quallity of meat and atmosphere ticked all the right boxes. You’ll want to return a second time for that special occasion when you’re really craving high-quality meats. Our favourites were top sirloin, picanha, juicy chicken wings and beef shortrib. From time to time they have specials  that are thrown in, like chicken hearts and parmesan steak! If you’re particular about your meats, just make sure you ask how well it is cooked before grabbing a slice!

Touro, Richmond Hill Touro, Richmond HillTouro, Richmond HillTouro, Richmond HillTouro, Richmond HillTouro, Richmond Hill