Fat Pasha - July 2016

It was two years ago when I first tasted the foods from the kitchen of Anthony Rose. The flavours from Rose & Sons still stick with me… along with descriptions of eggs being “soft and sexy”. Deep flavours and hearty dishes, it’s been two years since the last bite. We were on our way downtown for an afternoon beer event and it was only fitting that we went for brunch downtown as well!

After a few loaded pages of googling brunch spots, I spotted Fat Pasha, and it was an immediate go.

Chef Anthony Rose has a hefty empire of comfort cuisine sprinkled across Toronto from Dupont to Queen West. He began with the Dupont area going East with Rose & Sons, Big Crow, Fat Pasha and Schmaltz. His collection is going South-wards with Swan, Rose & Sons and Bar Begonia.

One taste of his foods and you’ll know if it’s for you or not.

Fat Pasha - July 2016

I love, love Mediterranean food and squeal at the sight of tangy dips and pita.

Fat Pasha - July 2016

food & drinks from 11 o’clock, clockwise:

sloppy solomon – syrian beef chili, fried egg, smoked mozzarella, onion bun – 15

kensington watermelon wheat

shakshuka – chunky peppers and tomato, halloumi, za’atar focaccia – 14

salatim – chopped eggplant + tahina, garlic fried tomatoes and yogurt 3 picks for $14

sweetgrass golden ale

Fat Pasha - July 2016 Fat Pasha - July 2016

A special close up of my pick for brunch, he goes by the name of “sloppy solomon”. What a giggle. But indeed, he presented himself like a sloppy joe spiced up with Syrian beef chili, runny fried egg with smoked mozzarella. I’ve gotta tell you, the onion bun here is everything. Sprinkled with poppy seeds, soft and fluffy, it sure did a bad job of holding the sandwich up right, but I didn’t think it was wrong in any way. A delight.

My favourite of them all was the tangy and refreshing, absolutely perfect yogurt dip – a recommendation by the server and my sloppy solomon. The shakshukka was warming, but it needed more kick and spice to it, way too straight forward for the type of shakshukka that we enjoy. Must order for the next time is a big plate of sides (the salatim), but with that, it means more people for more delicious variety which puts my earlier mentioned big patio space to use. One praise that fat pasha constantly gets is their roasted cauliflower, and I will confirm that it is certainly tasty from what a recall when I plated it up at Taste of Toronto.

Fat Pasha - July 2016

We were seated in a the back patio with merely only another couple by us. I would say that this is a fantastic space for groups as they’re able to row up the picnic tables nicely. Make your reservations! This is a spot to visit at least once. More if it was closer to me.

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