iYellow Wine Cave - Fresh Fridays iYellow Wine Cave - Fresh Fridays

If your visit to the iYellow Wine Cave is your first, you’ll need to brace yourself for a mini-detour. An alley way cutting through Simcoe downhill is the speediest way, take a picture of the lovebot mural which I am 80% sure is a pokestop, and look out for the familiar signage.

Last Friday evening I was invited by @saber_babe Mandy Schnurr for a FRESH Experience with iYellow Wine Club. The evening was to gather all around to see the newly designed VQA FRESH Wine with labels designed by Canadian artists. The iYellow Wine Cave space was cozy, rustic and dimmed to perfection. I couldn’t think of a better space for an easy drinking wine like FRESH. Upon entry, I received a passport with a highlight of each of the 6 wines – the range was wide, from a floral and sweet Moscato to a Shiraz-Merlot blended red.

iYellow Wine Cave - Fresh Fridays

The six VQA FRESH wines we were tasting are (also shown above from left to right): Moscato, Riesling Gewürztraminer, Sparkling Rose, Sparkling Riesling Satin Red & Crisp White

iYellow Wine Cave - Fresh Fridays

The first to taste on the passport was the gorgeous FRESH Possibilities Sparkling Rose. A fruity and floral start to the six. iYellow Wine Cave makes as the coolest place to learn about wine, seriously. I, myself am not so knowledgeable about wines but this friendly space made it a fun experience. Throughout the six, my favourite was the FRESH Opportunities Riesling Gewürztraminer. I’ve found that I really do lean towards notes that radiate of citrus but are much more mellow that’s low in carbonation!

iYellow Wine Cave - Fresh FridaysiYellow Wine Cave - Fresh Fridays

With such a delightful surprise, our wines were also open to being paired with generous platters of cheese and charcuterie from Cheese Boutique. There were so many among the platters to select, I had to taste them all! No cheese or cut went wrong! Lovely picks.

iYellow Wine Cave - Fresh FridaysiYellow Wine Cave - Fresh Fridays

Once again, a wonderful night of learnings and meeting win(n)ers old and new.

For selected Fridays until December you can join in on the very same experience for $60 a pair to taste each of the six FRESH wines. As for purchasing  FRESH wines, they are each available at the LCBO for an affordable $12.95.

iYellow Wine Cave - Fresh Fridays iYellow Wine Cave - Fresh FridaysThis design, in particular, is my fave. I thought it was adorable – and it was also coincidentally adorned on my fave wine of the night (the Riesling Gewürztramine)!

iYellow Wine Club is a Toronto-based club gathering together wine lovers and learners to learn, sip & taste wine. Founded by Angela and Pax in 2006, iYellow has a growing group of 20,000+ members, iYellow provides exclusive VIP experiences to join in on wine country bus tours visiting the best wineries and attend wine tastings.

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