The Yeti, Waterloo (2015)

This is a backlog is from our Kitchener visit in Spring 2015, the weather was just becoming warmer, but unfortunately (or so very fortunately) for our weekend visit, there was an unexpected heavy downpour of rain throughout. We were restricted from going on with our original plans to visit the muddy two-day Ever After Festival, with this we forced ourselves to sprawl out and figure out whatever else there is to do in this town, it stretched out to Waterloo and Guelph. Little did we know, it’d become one of our most memorable weekends.

On a Sunday morning we were all packed up, ready to head out for our final day in Kitchener. Before our search for Kitchener’s farmers market began, we spotted The Yeti. We were on the lookout for a quick nibble and morning starter. We were both also still in an open-minded daze from the evening before, with our magical discovery of the mashed up Asian cuisines presented by Bhima Warung.

Located on a quiet street, the Yeti welcomed us in with a Yeti sign out front, and walking in, there was a small space and, luckily two choices of seats in it’s homely hip space for our 11am arrival. It had a cozy, kitchen feel to it.

The Yeti, Waterloo (2015)The Yeti, Waterloo (2015)The Yeti, Waterloo (2015)

We were constantly distracted pin-pointing the numerous Yetis that were to be spotted throughout the space, the shadowed figure with it’s indistinguishable neck and oversized arms was a familiar sight in each scene.

Their menu is divided into four sections: “sandwich stopping place”, plates to remember”, “the brekkie” and “wrapped in something”.

A scan through the menu, I had a chuckle with the Pregnant Sasquatch. “Pregnant” meaning that your sandwich will include an over-easy egg. It was nice to meet the Yeti’s missus. Along with the sandwich, we got the add on of a sweet potato hash onside. They have plenty of breakfast, brunch and lunch items here that include fresh-made ingredients and a substitution of house-made coconut Jazcon for bacon! Sandwiches can also be either made with a gluten-free bread of wrapped in a collard leaf for only $1.

Arthur isn’t one for sweets, so I decided to go for a kids size of their French Toast – with my fingers crossed upon my order – very rarely do they allow you to snatch up a kids menu item unless you are… a kid.

The Yeti, Waterloo (2015)

French Toast, with maple syrup & apple slices – $5

The Yeti, Waterloo (2015)

Sweet Potato Hash, with chili + ketchup sauce – $3.50

The Yeti, Waterloo (2015)

The Pregnant Sasquatch, avocado, cheddar, tomato & greens with garlic aioli on an organic French artisan bun – $7

The Yeti, Waterloo (2015) The Yeti, Waterloo (2015)The Yeti, Waterloo (2015) The Yeti, Waterloo (2015)The Yeti, Waterloo (2015) The Yeti, Waterloo (2015)

Another option that I saw was popular here is their ice cream, sourced from Kawartha Diary, I would have absolutely snatched this up if it was a warmer day.

The Yeti is a relaxing brunch stop for a coffee and “brunchie” bites. The food isdelicious, holding flavours of sweet and salty, accompanied by the right array of sauces. The sights in this space are whimsical and a new surprise is discovered at each look at the walls. Only open until 3pm everyday, it’s a treat to get your seat in. It’s also just a stone’s throw away from the farmer’s market, which is another delightful bonus.

The Yeti
14 Eby Street N, Kitchener, Ontario
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