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Meet Your Next Brunch Spot: Carbon Bar on Queen East

As an iconic Canadian must, every brunch must begin with a caesar — it just tastes better that way! Carbon Bar, the spot on Queen East iconically known for their southern-style BBQ takes a whole unique approach on brunch food and drink-wise, spiking caesars with your choice of tequila, gin or vodka, then…

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The Final Brunch of 2016: Lisa Marie

  I haven’t loved brunch enough this year. I can only recall venturing downtown voluntarily to try a new brunch spot four times this year (really – Fat Pasha and now-closed Wind Up). Lisa Marie was on my 2016-brunch-history twice. I’m not a stickler about getting up so early and making the journey south…

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We found The Yeti in Kitchener

This is a backlog is from our Kitchener visit in Spring 2015, the weather was just becoming warmer, but unfortunately (or so very fortunately) for our weekend visit, there was an unexpected heavy downpour of rain throughout. We were restricted from going on with our original plans to visit the muddy two-day Ever After…

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