I’m a deep ramen enthusiast, in all depths of deep and light flavours, I give them all love! Straight from Japan, I was sent over love from WASHOKU Explorer with an opportunity to try their Ramen Kit. For this particular ramen kit, I received the Tonkotsu Ramen Set, which is of a pork fone broth of the Kyshu region.

A little bit about WASHOKU Explorer:

WASHOKU Explorer is an online marketplace for curated Japanese foods and ingredients. Here you can find genuine Japanese foods otherwise unavailable outside Japan. We deliver the essence of this delicious and healthy cuisine, WASHOKU, appreciated around the world.

WASHOKU Explorer delivers curated products by their group of curators in sets of high quality goods at a special price as well as free delivery world wide, they provide the ingredients and instructions to dish up items such as grilled fish and onigiri , as well as condiments and sauces to pair.
This particular ramen set has been selling on the WASHOKU Explorer marketplace since January earlier this year, with customer traction coming in from US and Europe.
Now, look ahead for my images of opening up and assembling the special bowl:


Here are the products included in my Tonkotsu Ramen Set:
– Ramen noodle and soup for 2 185g
– Seaweed from Saga Japan 80sheet
– Dried green onion from Kyoto Japan 10g
– Dried Kikurage from Kumamoto Japan 20g
– Washoku Explorer original Ramen bowl
– Renge (Spoon for soup)
The items were individually bubble-wrapped and non-persishable. They also provided me with a WASHOKU bowl and spoon to serve it in… I also loved the precious plastic Sakura flowers which I have adorned in my room.



The steps in creating this Ramen Kit were simple to follow, we began with soaking the dried kikurage mushrooms and working on the rest, by the 25 minute point, the mushrooms were tasty to chew. The single addition that we made was an adding of a halved boiled egg.

For the ramen, it was an easy process with the instructions – the noodles were stiff hakata ramen in two portions (for two) and after two minutes, it was al dente to bite. The soup  itself was sweet and savoury of a light pork, and I enjoyed the sesame bits which added extra texture, as well as the crunchy green onions that gave it another level of crisp crunch. Each added element went together wonderfully and we had plenty left over… Plenty which will be used for many future bowls of ramen!



I truly enjoyed the assembly of this and agree that WASHOKU Explorer is an awesome introduction to creating Japanese dishes with authentic ingredients at home, this ramen kit is exclusively available on WASHOKU Explorer’s Marketplace. I highly recommend a scroll through WASHOKU’s Facebook page, there’s loads to learn with each post as their highlight Japanese cuisine of savouries, sweets and sides.

More about WASHOKU Explorer:
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