Here is the first addition of our profile story series on Meet & Eats. We’re meeting with Ryan Hinkson of @EatFamous, the Instagram page we recommend when it comes to a single feed dosage of food porn in the major foodie cities across the world! Check out @EatFamous for yourself on InstagramTwitter and

Although Ryan Hinkson has no former food background, the EatFamous Creative and Marketing Director recalls his high school years working in the kitchen of Taco Bell and is convinced that he was the pioneer of the Crunch Wrap years before it came to market. Today, Hinkson shuffles through #EatFamous contributions as he leads the top food Instagram in Toronto with an ability to reach 147,000 people worldwide instantaneously.

EF1With an instant reach of 147,000 people in just a few clicks, what kind of message would you send? Ryan Hinkson makes restaurants and fellow Instagram user’s food captures famous on @EatFamous, additionally serving each post with a side of his witty and charming self. He’s a relationship man, he guarantees, which is exactly how he has become the “premier food Instagram destination”.

“These days, there doesn’t seem to be a minute when I’m not in @EatFamous mode“. Hinkson, a 9-to-5 logistics and sales coordinator at Coca Cola began his side mission with business partner Terry Diaram two and a half years ago to become the most followed food page on Instagram.EF2

EatFamous continues to break personal records: “Our most popular images have received over 10,000 likes with one photo posted last month that had over 21,000 last time I checked”, the average post on EatFamous gains 3000 likes per image and 50 comments per post.

“We strive to have the best looking most enticing and popular food page on Instagram” he says. EatFamous keeps live with 4 to 9 posts a day, broadcasting and featuring their worldwide audience’s contributions for a chance for their images and profiles to become “Insta-Famous”. These image contributions are tracked and hand-picked over the #EatFamous hashtag which alone has impressively garnered over 300,000 picture contributions on Instagram.

The quick rise to success wasn’t expected, but Hinkson discovered that his success in EatFamous’ is through a “mix of high quality original and featured content” and the organically built follower engagement. The Instagram numbers of EatFamous is reaching worldwide as fame isn’t solely restricted to one area for Hinkson; he sees traction from Toronto, New York, Los Angeles as well as London, England and In Brisbane and Melbourne, Australia.

With the opportunity for restaurant patrons to become Insta-Famous, came the realization that EatFamous could do something valuable for smaller brands with far fewer followers: “We got our website up and put the word out we could help restaurants and brand in need of help growing their presence on social media.” The traction for paid content is filtered by Hinkson as he selects restaurants based on their ability to keep the same quality standards as the current everyday features.

Hinkson doesn’t see himself pausing any time soon with EatFamous as he is looking for growth on other social media platforms of SnapChat and Twitter. In addition to growing in following and overall popularity of EatFamous on Instagram, he is looking to work with new clients.

As for what’s next, Hinkson keeps a knowing smile hinting he cannot disclose that information just yet, but it will be “something big” that will help restaurants and patrons alike.

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