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Great Food, Good Times as we enjoy the summer & #EatTogether

My favourite part of my family get-togethers is seeing the variety of dishes that we each bring to the table. I’m from a Viet and Chinese background, so Saturday’s festivities involved sticky rice, phở, and soy sauce marinated chicken wings to name a few.

As for my portion of the potluck goodies, I was mighty excited to partner with PC®’s Insiders Collection™ for Canada Day, and of course it involved all-Canadian items! There were items like Montreal steak spice topped burger buns, bacon/maple BBQ sauce and a bacon caesar cocktail!

We were all excited to fire up the grill to have a taste of the pre-smoked sausages, filled with the elements of a poutine: cheese curds and fries! We placed some veggie skewers alongside to balance all of the meat and oils out… It was a hit!

Here is my special line up of PC® Insiders Collection™ products:

  • PC® Loads of Canadaiana Burgers
  • PC® Canadian Burger Buns
  • PC® Smokies Poutine Flavoured Fully Cooked Smoked Pork Sausage
  • PC® Bacon and Maple BBQ Sauce
  • PC® Mango Salsa
  • PC® Maple Flavour Marshmallows
  • PC® Berry Cherry Cranberries, Cherries, Blueberries, Goldenberries, and Gojiberries Sweetened Dried Fruit Blend
  • PC® Lemon Raspberry Naturally Flavoured Cheesecake Truffles
  • PC® Lemonade Radler De-Alcoholized Lager beer with Lemonade
  • PC® Bacon Flavour Tomato Clam Cocktail

DSC06361_1920x1080 PC Insiders Collection

To keep all of the hungry adults at bay while the rest of the items finish grilling, crafting a caesar with the bacon-flavoured tomato clam cocktails right before their eyes was the way to go! And for everyone else looking for a lighter option, a de-alcoholized radler lager-style beer with lemonade was a tasty choice!

A cheer for Canada Day with our drinks in hand!

DSC06594_1920x1080PC Insiders Collection

All of the dishes laid out, we had a feast before us! And many tasty condiment choices such as a tangy mango salsa to plop onto our burgers. Oh, and please pass me the bacon & maple BBQ sauce!

To finish it all, we each had a sweet treat of lemon raspberry flavoured cheesecake truffles. Straight from the fridge, it was perfect one-bite sweets to savour away as we sit back on the patio, #EatTogether and enjoy the celebration of our nation’s 150th birthday!

The new additions to the PC® Insiders Collection™ set the tone for Canadian summertime fun, delicious eats, sips and good times outdoors!


*This post is brought to you by PC®, and as always, opinions expressed are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Meet & Eats alive!