Unfortunately, it wasn’t until my last month in Australia that I was introduced to Sushi Rio. Anytime before this, when anybody would mention any sort of sushi train to me, I would be biased as hell since being scarred by the sushi trains at Liverpool and Merrylands multiple times, I decided to call it off between sushi train and I. 
My mates mentioned a place called Sushi Rio a place with plates of miraculous fresh cuts of salmon, absolute melt-in-your-mouth scallops and all the sushi combinations you can imagine – all for $3 a plate. I was a tad cynical but went along and trusted their food instincts since everything they’ve ever introduced to me have always been fantastic! 
Lining up on a weekday arvo, we were immediately seated along the high chairs of the sushi train. My friends immediately grabbed their favourite plates off the rail for us all to share before I could even process what I wanted to take off the rail.
Everything looked fresh, and you’d only expect – $3 a plate, and such popularity, they’d have to have fresh ingredients! You can either grab plates off the sushi train, or off a menu, ordering from one of the attentive staff members running around.
They also have non-$3 items, which are on the last few pages of the menu. The items from here are much bigger of course – I tried a few of them, all delicious and worth the extra few dollars!
 1.Prawn, Tuna and Avocado 
Allllll of their sushi is great!
2. Seaweed, Salmon (4 pc) and Scallops
The seaweed was as expected, nice taste to accompany the rest of the dishes. Salmon was fantastic! Tastes just as fresh as it looks. I love the presentation of it. The scallops were even better than the salmon! All absolute melt-in-your-mouth goodness.
The second time I went down here, it as for dinner, it was night time and we got lost (for a good 20 minutes). It was then when I found that there were so many $3 sushi trains in the city! I was tempted to just settle for any $3 sushi train along the way, but thought that Sushi Rio was worth the extra effort of searching! It was a Saturday night and it took 20 minutes to be seated… but it was exactly well worth it!
3. Scampi
How cute is this little guy! We ordered this out of curiosity ☺. The head and tail were of course for decoration, after removing, you have a little piece of raw scampi on rice.
4. Multiple plates are easily finished 
I tried sooo many of their dishes (not pictured) – their eel and kaarage chicken is amazing! I had their sushi taco just for the lolz, and it was purely the lolz – the one thing that was odd, a piece of shrimp on a crunchy taco shell drizzled in sweet chili sauce (what). 
Overall, this place is terrific! $3 sushi plates of the freshest ingredients all day, always quick service and a nice atmosphere. I would like to come here again to try out their drinks!

Sushi Rio
Shop 7, 339 Sussex St
Sydney, NSW
Australia 2000

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