El Jannah needs no introduction. This is most positively the best charcoal chicken place you’ll ever go to. But, the thing is, what I like about El Jannah isn’t the charcoal chicken – it’s always way too dry, with only the drumsticks of value – but what absolutely makes up for the chicken is the delicious fragrant garlic sauce, crunchy well-seasoned chips, sour pickles and purple pickled radish! It is a MUST if you are in Sydney.
Those pickled radish n’ pickles!
I absolutely hate ordering here though. The lines are always massive, and the sight of all staff members huddled behind the counter is irritating for me.
Okay, so, this is me ordering the same thing from El Jannah over a year, on three different occasions. Even though I love it so much, I’ve only ever eaten El Jannah six times in my life, having only discovered it a a year and a half ago…

My favourite piece to order is the 1/4 piece with the drumstick, which comes with the pickled goods of radish and pickles, a generous plate of garlic sauce, bag of lebanese bread and amazingly seasoned chips as sides. The way I eat it is, ripping the lebanese bread in half and opening one half up to form a pocket, then, I would spread the garlic sauce and place the chicken, pickles and a chips in accordingly, then roll and eat! Absolute amazing flavours words cannot even remotely describe. Each time after I eat it, I think that it’s one of the best meals I’ve ever had.
A while ago, my friend recommended me to order the Chicken Wrap ($7.90) next time I go – which consists of all the goods that I would normal order with the 1/4 piece. She says it’s so much better than creating it yourself! I forget each time I go and am still yet to try it.
I can only account for the prices for the meals from one occasion, where I grabbed 1/2 a chicken with sides and drinks for a friend and myself and it equated to $25 or so…. Takeaway is a lot more cheaper (about 30-40% less of dine in cost) from what I remember! I’ve always wanted to takeway El Jannah and go have a picnic… Just thinking about all the things I wanted to do in Sydney but never fulfilled, sigh.
Well, anyway, I don’t believe that El Jannah is definitely the best place for charcoal chicken around, but it is the best for everything else that comes with it – their garlic sauce, pickles and chips are incredible! And wrapped all together… that’s a perfect combination. I’d be a slack move on yourself if you’ve never tried this same meal.

El Jannah4-6 South St
Granville NSW
2142 Australia 

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