Waling past this place countless times, heading to Chinatown or back, they always had some sort of special scribbled onto a chalkboard stilt on a certain hour of any other day. We were finally fully enticed to walk in when we were halted at the sight of their ‘$1 Buck a Shuck’ scribbled on the stilt.
Daily specials on a mirror at the bar
Originally wanting a few oysters, it escalated from there once we saw the two menus. We grabbed a few tasters.
1. Oysters with Prosecco & Cucumber ($1/each)
These are the first oysters I’ve had since I’ve gotten to Canada. And I have to say, they are the slackest oysters I’ve ever had. We had the Prosecco & Cucumber (bottom right) to drizzle over – it had a nice vinegarette tang to it. I liked the little bites of cucumber. This was creatively showcased ontop of popcorn.
2.  Tuna Carpaccio ($13)
With seasonal market vegetables, anchovy vinaigrette
This was sort of a wildcard. The tuna was a soft bite along with the coleslaw tasting mix of blanched green beans, potatoes, red onion and cauliflower it was served with. There were no fishy-tastes of the vinaigrette, all I tasted was tang, tang, tang.
3. Grilled Calamari ($10~)
With tomato, white bean, sofritto and pickled fennel
The hardly-grilled calamari saved this dish. Like a very boring tomato and bean mix with pickled toppings.
4. Salmon Crudo ($10~)
With grapefruit, orange, ceci bean puree and fennel slaw.
A big old meh’.
5. Bread & Rosemary Oil ($5)
This shouldn’t have been the winner – simple, but great.
Points for the decor. I felt like I was clean eating throughout our meal. Tasters are just not for me. I am looking forward to trying their brunch menu that I’ve been eyeballing for so long, though. Till we meet again. No potatoes yet.

Strada 241
241 Spadina Ave
Toronto ON
M5T 2E2 Canada

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