I’m actually embarrassed by the amount of times I’ve been here. Green Peppercorn opened up right around the corner of my street, and in the first two months, I pranced familiarly into it’s doors at least twice a week. I would have to ask my fellow diners not to check me in to the place on Facebook because I was there so often.

Since opening, they have added so many new things to the menu! Sucks that I only tried out the old menu, and a lot of the things that I would try to order (Laos sausage and a few of the desserts) would be unavailable. There’s so many things, looking through the menu that I would try now.

Not pictured, but, I’ve also tried:
Beef Tripe Salad ($11.90)
Flavours like their chicken feet salad, tangy and delicious bites of tripe.
Crunchy Nuts ($14.90)
(Oversized bowls of Hazelnut & pistachio ice-cream with caramel fudge, almonds, whipped cream, chocolate honeycomb and maple syrup) I loved finding the bits of honeycomb! Ice cream with nuts is always a winner.
Pandan Creme Brulee ($12.90) 
(Delicious fluffy and light brulee with a touch of Pandan flavour) It did get sickening after the second spoon. I just like the sweet garnishes and crunchy bits on top.

1. Larb Diep (Raw Beef Salad $12.90)
Finely chopped raw beef and tripe tossed with anchovie sauce, lime, fresh herbs and toasted ground rice powder. 
Raw beef salad is one of my favorite type of salad – I loved how uniformly chopped each piece of beef was, so each was as equally absorbed in the tangy sauce as the next. I just wish that there was more of this on the plate.
2. Soop Ma Pi (Banana Flower Salad with Chicken $14.90)
Thinly sliced banana flower salad tossed with chicken, spices, coconut cream and aromatics. 
I fell in love with the first bite, but I got tired of the overwhelming fragrance after a while. But it is a dish you have to try! It was a delicious aroma of veggies, nuts and chicken. The perfect combination!

3. Duck eggs ($3.50)
I don’t see this on their current menu – but anyway, the duck egg was perfect! Lots of meat and juices to suck out of it. The sauce wasn’t necessary for this one.
4. Charcoal BBQ Ox Tongue ($10.90)
Look at that incredibly scarce pile of ox tongue. Disappointing. It was average anyway, I really didn’t like the angle at which the meat was cut, was was very slanted, making a lot of the edges over-cooked.
5. Tom Yum (Hot ‘n’ Sour Soup $11.90) 
A traditional hot and sour soup. Infused with delicious Thai fresh ingredients: galangal, onions, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, coriander, mushrooms and chillies.
I can’t judge because I really don’t like tom yum. But, isn’t this such a nice photo ☺. They had a large number of mushrooms in there though! It took up most of the soup bowl.

6. Pad See Ew ($12.90)
Sweet soy sauce flavoured stir fried flat rice noodles with beef, vegetables and egg.
This was great! Super tasty and a great amount to share.
7. Pad Thai ($12.90)
Stir fried thin rice noodles with: chicken, garlic, chives, red onions, egg and garnished with bean sprouts and crushed peanuts.
I’ve had this twice, both with chicken, and it’s fantastic! The best pad thai I’ve had so far!

8. Khao Pad Kaphao (Fried rice with Chicken, Chili, Egg, Asian vegetables and Basil $12.90) 
Lots of flavours going on here, but I wouldn’t order it again. Too average for the price.
9. Crispy Pork Belly with Stir-fried Water Spinach ($18.90)
I loved this! (at the time :P… I ended up eating a better plate of pork belly and water spinach at Chat Thai, SO much better!) The crispy pork belly ran out of it’s crispiness pretty quickly though from all that sauce and there was such a less amount of meat.

10. Salt & Pepper Calamari ($16.90) (Centre)
Deep fried batter squid seasoned with salt, pepper, chilli and  shallots.
Just, beautiful! You could really taste the seasoning.
11. Chicken Feet Salad ($11.90)  (Right)
De-boned chicken feet tossed with coriander, shallots, fresh chilli, leaves, peanuts and red onions dressed in fresh lime and fish sauce.
Chicken feet salad is the best thing to order anywhere! It’s not too hard to get wrong ☺. They needed to be more generous with the amount of chicken feet, but I loved the tangy and fresh flavours from the herbs.
12. Paradise Bliss Coconut ($14.90)
Oversized ice-cream bowls of three scoops of ice cream, passionfruit syrup, mango, lychees with toasted coconut muesli.
This was the second thing I ever ordered from GPC! Depending on your tastebuds, it’s truly amazing – it is more sour with the passionfruit and lychee, which I thought was a great combination with the sweet ice cream. I was able to choose three scoops of ice cream – I think I chose fruity ones – lychee, coconut or mango or such. It was a nice bite with the fruits and passionfruit seeds.

The place was nicely adorned with a lot of random things, different textures and looks in each corner.
Here is a picture of my cutie sister slurping away at her delicious Coconut & Jackfruit Shake ($6.50)

Now, the thing that everyone should stop by GPC for, is their shakes! With the right combination, it is amazing!
 My favourite to order here is Coconut, Jackfruit and Lychee ($6.50). This is a godly combination!
Also shown are strawberry shakes – again, these are from the old menu. They have so many more! If I had the option to go back again, I would definitely go for an addition of custard apple or durian!

13. Banana Fritters ($12.90)
Deep fried coconut battered banana fritters served with ice-cream and drizzled with pandan sauce. 
This was yummy! Just how I expected. I love ice cream with anything. The banana was beautifully battered but the pandan sauce didn’t give any more depth to it.

14. Black Sesame Creme Brulee ($12.90) 
I liked this one a lot better than the pandan. This was in the first few months of them opening, so they came out with new items every few weeks. I saw this, and had to try it. My friend loved it! It was okay to me, again.
15. Fried Ice-cream ($14.90)
Deep fried ice-cream wrapped in pastry, served with a coconut muesli and chocolate sauce.
The Holy Basil one is a lot better, but this is still great, seeing as it was at a restaurant which wasn’t that far away from me :p. I loved the coconut muesli, it was perfect!

Green Peppercorn, as an all-rounder, is great! Always great service, beautifully presented, lovely ambiance and to-par dishes. But… it is way overpriced than others Laos & Thai restaurants in the area – The highest that the bill has ever gone up to, was for three people ($160~, heh).
You should also only ever make your visits during the quieter hours. I make this mistake every single time, and I don’t realise it until I’m in the process of making my order. It’s so damn irritatingly loud that I could hardly make a conversation, and a headache starts up.
Must eats:
Coconut, Jackfruit and Lychee Fruit Shake ($6.50)
– One of their over-sized ice cream bowls ($14.90)
 Pad Thai ($12.90)
1 Hamilton Road 
Fairfield, NSW 
2165 Australia
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