I can easily say that I’ve been here more than 15 times… I absolutely love this place! I literally spend hours here. The chairs are super comfy, there is unlimited supply of cold tea (I usually need to go to the bathroom at least once each time I visit, so, great for detoxing – the tea is so addictive!), relaxing sounds of their mini fountain at the back, a wonderful breeze and a nicely sheltered (and heated) patio. 
One of the places I miss the most in Sydney is most definitely, Vy Vy Garden. 
 The cafe extends all the way to the back, it looks especially nice at nighttime and is wonderfully dimmed. I’m always camping at the back, on one of the comfy brown chairs.
The first time I visited this place, the menu was completely foreign to me! Everything was in Vietnamese, but throughout my many visits to this place, I learnt each fruit and knew exactly which was which hehe :p. The servers are all nice and helpful, they provide great suggestions and are always super attentive.

On the menu for fruit drinks, they have shakes or ‘dam’ (I can’t really translate, but it’s like hitting). 
shake is just a traditional blended fruit drink.
Dam, is amazing! There’s a few types that you can choose from for this (or you can request to have it mixed): Jackfruit, soursop, lychee and avocado and they uniformly chopped up, mixed with a bit of coconut milk. It’s delicious! There is also two options to have your dam with jackfruit or soursop in sour yogurt.

1. Che Trai Cay ($5.50)
This item isn’t on the menu, but you can ask for it! It includes all the fruits they have, mixed with a bit of sweet coconut milk. The fruits sometimes vary, but are usually consisted of jackfruit, watermelon, strawberry, honeydew, cantalope, mango papaya and/or lychee.
2. Pennywort ($4.00)
3. Soursop in Yogurt ($5.50)
I ordered this drink blindly, I saw this item on the menu (it was in Vietnamese) and asked the server what it was – she said that it was sour sop in yogurt. I knew that this was the Vietnamese yogurt I was familiar to eating when I was younger – it was such a great combination!
4. Watermelon Shake ($5.50)
 I had number 1 and 3 of this list – but I did get to try all my friend’s drinks. They were all delicious! The watermelon shake was surprisingly, really nice! Oh, and I absolutely love their stirrers! Look how happy this ladybug looks! You’ll be seeing more stirrers in the next few photos…
 5. ‘Dam’ Soursop in Yogurt (mentioned previously) ($5.50)
6. Avocado Shake ($5.50)
7 & 8. Dam Jackfruit ($5.50)
I love the crunchy green balls that come on top of all the drinks! Many of my friends don’t like it, so I take it for the team and let them drop it on top of my shake :D.
 9. Che Trai Cay (on a different day from 1.) ($5.50)
10. Vietnamese Ice Coffee ($4.50)
And for the savouries…
11. Duck egg (Hot vit lon) ($2.50)
Served with pepper/salt, lemon and fresh herbs
12. Spring rolls 6pc ($6)
Served with sweet chili sauce

The duck egg was great! My favourite part is slurping out the juices, mmhmm! As for the spring roll, don’t judge it by my picture, it’s a lot bigger than that and nice to share. I wish they had more hot foods!
Overall, Vy Vy Garden is my absolute favourite place to chill out at! Best service I’ve ever received in the Fairfield area! Super attentive and helpful servers. It has the best atmosphere, and on multiple occasions, I’ve spent hours here… Honestly, I don’t even know where the time goes. It’s so comfortable! I hope they never have to close down.
I brought three other friends here for the first time, but they didn’t like it at all… I guess, it depends if you’re already into Vietnamese sweets!
Must eats:
– ALL OF THEIR DRINKS (But mainly the ‘dam’s ☺)
Eh, it can pass…: 
– Their ice cream… I’ve only had it twice, their Mint Choc and Lychee. Both terrible.
(I love this place)
Vy Vy Garden
226 Canley Vale Road 
Canley Heights NSW
2166 Australia
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