Every single time for the first few months of opening, Super Dish was always super busy. There are not many Chinese restaurants like this in Fairfield. Relatively low priced, and great home food. I’ve been to Super Dish previously on two occasions. I’ve tried their wonton soup, preserved veggies and meat in stir fried thick rice noodles (beef chow fun)! Both incredibly bland, I made good use of the tray on condiments next to me. On both occasions, I ordered their Chinatown Fishballs in Chili Sauce ($6.95), which, on both occasions, were simply average. They are different and not as yummy as the ones that I sampled at Moon Festival in 2011… I learnt my lesson this time though, but it was also because I was sick :P.
Waking up being the sniffle kitten I was, we went to do our errands in Cabramatta and went for brunch. My tastebuds were gone, so I knew exactly the place to go to for bland food (and my friend isn’t very frenzied about flavours either, so this was perfect!).
Being handed the menu, they also gave me a drink/dessert menu in addition. Then I remembered on my last visit, the owner informing me that he was going to open a dessert shop right next door to Super Dish. I excitedly browsed through the ‘SuperCool’ menu, I love desserts!!!
Their menu has plenty of variety! So many types of soups (with different add-ins), fried rice and congees!
1. Char Sieu and Wonton Noodle Soup ($9.00)
2. Original Recipe Combination Congee ($9.00)
I really wanted to try the preserved egg congee, but I wanted to try a little bit of everything. This is terrific when you’re sick! They had offals, pieces of meatballs.

3. Coconut Green Bean with Red Bean ($4.50)
Even though I was sick, I still wanted something sweet… which only made my throat itchier. But this was delicious! I loved it. Amazing combination of beans and coconut (even though it came out nothing like the picture… and it came in a bubble tea cup….! I loved this so much. 
Overall, Super Dish is a great place to go for for traditional chinese food. It is moderately priced – I feel like I haven’t completely explored it’s menu, so I can’t properly judge it. Next time, I would like to try their homey dishes – their duck, tofu and seafood perhaps.
Must eats:
– Any of their congees when you’re sick!
– Coconut Green Bean with Red Bean ($4.50)
Eh, it can pass…: 
– Their soups and super oily bland stir fry noodles…
Super Dish 

17/180 Railway Parade 

Cabramatta NSW 

2166 Australia

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