My Papa, whenever he has been somewhere once, he’s just use to visiting the same place over and over again. Any restaurant’s ideal customer. This was the third time my sister and Papa has visited this place. 
The first time, my sister ordered  a Chicken Burger ($16.95), which she said was too dry, and got me a Angus Beef Burger ($16.95) for take away. My papa had his usual steak.
The second time, I had a Lamb Burger ($18~) – which was great! I love burgers. They made it super tasty, the bun I didn’t really dig though – I was filled up quickly! Didn’t get to finish all of my chips. My sister ordered the Prime rump topped with avocado, grilled shrimp and bearnaise sauce ($35~).
The third time we visited, it was on a Sunday for our usual monthly Sunday lunches – and our last, for a while
We meet again
The service is always great! The servers are super attentive. It’s such a nice family place, but it was always super dead when we went (Sunday, lunch time), probably only two other families there. There’s a massive upside-down crocodile stuck to the celing (no pic :(), pretty cool!
The menu was covered in a crocodile skin texture ☺. I was going to go for an entree ($20~) since I had no appetite all month… But my papa told me to get a main. So I ordered a dish that consisted of the entrees combined :p.
 Our orders always came in 20 minutes.
1. My sister’s four-star chili rating steak ($35~) which was completely unedible for her – all she could taste was the chili! My pops couldn’t handle it either (and he’s chili king)
2. Ocean Trio ($28.95)
(Bush pepper coated calamari, crocodile and prawns served with salad, rice and lime aoili sauce)
The calamari and prawn was of course, easy to not mess up, so they were fantastic! The sauce was delicious to pair. The rice was of course, different from the Asian rice I’m use to, so it wasn’t very nice… The crocodile, however, was in such small pieces on the skewer that you could hardly taste anything, just the crumbs it was coated in.
My papa as always, ordered a fancy cut of steak ($40~). And he likes it every single time!
Super overpriced (for, what looks like, a family restaurant), beautifully presented, great service and average food. I wouldn’t come here again though (if I had the choice :p).

Outback Jacks Bar & Grill
78 Roberts Rd
Chullora NSW
2190 Australia

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