What I love most about meeting new people is that they’re able to introduce me to all sorts of new places and make all sorts of recommendations for places I’ve never visited! 
During the whole meeting, Gers and I were the only ones who didn’t order. Watching as everyone was having their meals at Cabra-vale Diggers, we were absolutely starving! The meeting ended up stretching an hour and a half more and we were to excuse ourselves 30 minutes early to finally go for dinner. 
All sitting in the car, making our way west, we were deciding on where to eat. We all felt like Korean BBQ. I mentioned that I’ve only ever had Korean BBQ at Strathfield before. My mate quickly detested and said that he’ll take us all to his favorite KBBQ place.
15 minutes in the car and we pulled up next to this place, it was slightly hidden, you could hardly see the name until you were right infront of it. It was a Thursday night and this place wasn’t very busy.
 We decided to sit outside. It was such nice weather!

 Only when I got the menu, I knew what the restaurant was called. A lot of the signs were in Korean.
My mates come here regularly, so I trusted them in making all the orders. For four, we ordered:
– Ggot Sal/ Chuck tail ($23)
– Nak Yup Sal/ Beef Oyster Blade ($22)
– To Si Sal/ Beef Thick Skirt ($19)
– Jap Chae/ Clear stir-fried noodles ($12)
– Lemon Soju ($15) x2
Our siders and raw meat quickly came out, preparing to BBQ – the veggies are my favourites to BBQ!
1. Nak Yup Sal/ Beef Oyster Blade ($22)
2. To Si Sal/ Beef Thick Skirt ($19)
 3. Jap Chae ($12)
(Clear stir-fried potato noodles with vegetable and beef)
4. A potato sider (we also had Kim chi and cabbage in vinegar for siders)

5. Lemon Soju ($15)
(‘Cham I Sul’ with sugar water and lemon squash, sweet and fizzy)
Exactly how it’s described, with a tinge of vodka-taste! I loved the provided shot glasses!
All the dishes were all-round, great! The servers were super attentive, they changed our grill twice! The raw meats were beautifully presented, and so tasty cooked! But, my favourite part of KBBQ is the siders… which they didn’t have many of!

Tosung Firewood BBQ
17 – 35 Parramatta Road
Homebush NSW
2140 Australia

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