I’ve been to Bau Truong numerous times to order the exact same dish. I’ve only ever tried it at one other place, but that only made me appreciate Bau Truong even more! Fresh herbs, noodles sticking how it should and freshly fried and grilled meat (oh, and with seven rice papers). Perfect!
So, this is the same dish I’ve ordered on two different occasions ☺.
Hot water ready for dipping ūüėÄ

 D.I.Y Special Mixed Plate ($15)
What’s included in this incredible dish?
Delicate rice noodles (PERFECT for this dish), grilled nem nuong, nem chua, pickled carrots and radish, cucumbers, fried rice paper roll, shredded pork, sugar cane prawn, fresh herbs and lettuce.
And of course…
 A fish sauce vinegarette for dipping, and seven rice papers to roll with! This is the perfect amount!
If you’re new to this whole contraption, I’ll provide simple steps. I’d like to call myself the Queen of Goi Cuon (as long with a lot of other things).
1. Rotate your rice paper in the water provided.
2. Place the rice paper onto your plate.
3. Align the goods! Veggies > noodles > meat. 
¬† ¬† (Trimming the meats and noodles to size! Don’t make it too big)
4. Roll, folding the outer ends inwards, creating a spring roll shape.
5. Now you’re ready to dip and devour!
Godly isn’t it? I know.
Seven rolls is also the perfect amount to fill you up! No sharing >:). 
I’ve also tried the classic rice, pork chop, omelette and shredded pork here ($12). But these are the only two things I’ve ever tried, both are promising. You 100% have to try the¬†D.I.Y Special Mixed Plate. It’s fantastic. Some people don’t like goi cuon/ fish sauce though (and I think their tastebuds are in the wrong place, it’s ok, more for me!). Lovely restaurant and consistent dishes!

Bau Truong
42 John St 
Cabramatta NSW 
2166 Australia
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