550/7 Highway East
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4B 1B9 Canada
Chinese – Take Out – Dumplings
Oh Richmond Hill, how I’ve heard so many great things about you. Your overwhelming extended choices in Chinese food, delicious dirt-cheap Dim Sim, few massive Bubble Tea houses and many, many numbers of Karaoke places. I was more than happy to third wheel down to the so very well noted Richmond Hill. Kicking back in the back seat, I couldn’t imagine how it could all be like – I truly needed a good batch of dumplings into my system.
 1. Crab Meat & Corn Soup ($6.99)
2. Jellyfish ($5.99)

There was nothing special about the Crab Meat & Corn Soup, even after drops of the almighty red vinegar, there was still no buzz. The Jellyfish had delicious soft and crunchy bites, it was great to nibble on gradually after downing the many plates to come. 
3. Onion Pancake Roll & Sliced Beef ($4.99)
The best I’ve had so far. I loved the flakey pancake and the tender beef, and the strings of onion just pieced the whole thing together. It was a delight with the right amount of saltiness going on.
4. Smoked Chicken – Half ($7.99)
I love the colour that smoking a meat gives. The colours on this one was beautiful! With each bite, the taste of tea leaves was very strong, leaving an odd ashey aftertaste. 
5. Steamed Leeks & Pork Dumplings – 10pcs ($3.99)
6. Steamed Mushroom & Pork Dumplings – 10pcs ($3.99)
The Steamed Leeks & Pork Dumplings were my favourite. The dumplings were at such a great price for 10 pieces! I happily enjoyed these with a dip of a mix of satay and soy sauce. It was juicy and so, so fresh!
7. Shanghai Style Noodles ($7.25)
This is a must order! I loved the flavours and bounce of the noodles with every nibble. There wasn’t many treats getting through it, but it was one of my favourites for the night!
The whole menu was of incredible value. The portions were just right, and for a majority of the dishes, the flavours were in the right place! Their dumplings are incredible, and so spot on. I would totally hit it up again, but with so many Chinese restaurants in this area, I should hold it off and set Northern Dumpling Kitchen’s dumplings as the benchmark!

Must eats:
– Onion Pancake Roll & Sliced Beef ($4.99)
– Steamed Leeks & Pork Dumplings – 10pcs ($3.99)
– Shanghai Style Noodles ($7.25)

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