3700 Midland Ave 
Scarborough ON 
M1V 4V3 Canada
Bubble Tea House – Dinner – Sweet/Savoury
On the topic of desserts, I made a comment on an amazing two-level dessert place, Dessert Story, which I had the pleasure of meeting and eating on my one trip to Melbourne’s Chinatown in late July of the previous year. My sister introduced me to the name ‘Bubble Tea House’ – A Bubble Tea House? That sounds crazy. She described it to me as a place where people would gather to chat, study and chow from the menu. I had to see it for myself.
I twiddle my fingers, as within minutes we were seated on a Saturday night. 
They had reading material chilling along the side lines. Mighty considerate, I likey.
After a long ponder of the menu and still super full from dinner at Northern Dumping Kitchen, we went with a drink each and a dessert and savoury treat to share. They had a few fried savoury appetizer items, menu sets, dishes, desserts and drinks! This place would be great for a full course meal.
1. Crushed Ice with Red Bean and Condensed Milk ($7.99)
Tasting just how it should. I love Red Bean, and when it’s with condensed milk and ice, it’s hard to mess up.
2. Popcorn Chicken ($6.99)
Tasty crunchy bites with a side of finely shredded pickled radish and carrots to nibble along with it. It was the right amount of saltiness, I could gulp this whole thing, easy.
3. Calpis Juice in Mango and Pineapple ($5.99)
I didn’t have a gulp of the Mango – because I was sick, but, my pineapple one was irritating. The part I most dislike about pineapples, are the hairy core parts, and they did not forget to add these into the blender. I tasted a lot of that throughout the whole drink.
4. Hot Mixed Fruit Tea ($6.99)
Sticky and sweet. Simple pieces of peach, apple and oranges steeped in hot tea. A big old meh’.
Go For Tea was an average for me. No service, as you’d expect. There was nothing I found amazing, but I would like to try their bubble teas next time, though! Every thing on the menu is also a bit steep for what it is.
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