124 Ossington Ave
 Toronto, ON
M6J 1R5 Canada
Brewery – Bar food – Dinner
After work, and specifically feeling like a pitcher of Sangria along with a few bites from The Drake, we made one streetcar ride down to Queen West. We walked through the patio entrance, and as usual, waited a while before we were seated on the not too packed patio. Seating ourselves in the only shabby looking green booth and after a few sips of our water while gazing through the menu, we would try to grab the server’s attention, only to be disappointed after being told that they have been dry of Sangria for the last three days. What…
So, off we paraded East of The Drake on Queen Street West while picking up free Wi-Fi signals along the way, looking for another place nearby for a good ol’ pitcher of Sangria. Then it came to me, Bellwoods Brewery! I would pass this place every time during the early Summer to catch the 501 Dundas bus to my early morning classes, and on the way home, I would often admire the carefree ambience of the guests, sitting on the Patio, chattering away and sipping away at their beers. I was never a beer-drinker before Canada, it has certainly grown on to me. What intrigues me the most is that Bellwoods Brewery actually brews their own beer, ready to serve. They also have a retail store on side selling these beers in four packs ready to carry home. I knew that this would be the perfect place for a drink!
1. Witchshark IPA (9% ABV, 35 days) $7.50/12oz
Intensely hoppy American style Imperial/Double IPA. Tropical fruit aroma with a well-balanced bitterness showcasing flavours of mango, grapefruit and pine.
One glass each was good for us until we got home. Cringing at the overwhelming bitterness at first, we quickly got use to it and began to take in the delightful fruity flavours. I would definitely have to order this again.
2. Fries ($5.00)
Topped with Toscano Cheese, Thyme, Rosemary along with Sriracha Mayo on side to dip.
No complaints about the fries here, tasty crisps with a great dip!
3. Duck Hearts drizzled with Jalepeno Oil ($4.00)
Working out as $1 a heart (lol), it was just ridiculous. But, I loved the flavours here. These were nicely charred and delicious to bite into. I just wish there were more on the plate!
A delightful evening with great nibbles to pair with a nice glass of their Witchshark beer. It is definitely pricey for scarce pieces on a dish. I was snickering at the slack $25 meat platter the bench next to us had, sharing it between five people. Oh, silly. The place quickly got packed with a long line later into the evening, I felt lucky to be having a front-row seat of the patio. I would definitely come down here again, expecting the same seating, if the weather fits of course!
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