My sole day-to-day drive to get up for my consecutive 8AM classes are my very thoughts of what I will be having for lunch later that day. In and out of St. James Campus, and bracing the same sickening Subway sub, daily special wrap and Tim Hortons muffin day after day… I knew that there had to be more to this student life! After extensively growing my list, I have assembled a list for you, my Monday to Friday fellow strugglers alike.
NB: There are still many nibbles to be put into action, but I will be updating as I go along.
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Photo: Pita Land 

There really should be a lot more student-friendly options on campus. The lack of lower prices and healthy food alternatives surprise me. On a day-to-day basis, I would like to spend a maximum of $10 a day. This $10 would go towards a beverage in the morning to keep me pepped up ($2~), and a nibble to get my Instagram going ($7~).

This list is for the quick eats we’re looking for inbetween our one hour breaks on a bolt, ready to hop to the next class. Each are super take-out friendly.
Do you actually want to dine-in and get more value (and adventure) for your money? I have you covered, over here. Or, if you’re looking for more of a cafe-lounge-and-Wi-Fi-milking feel, I got you.
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On Campus, Familiar spots, Grab & Go

– Times listed below are for the work week, Monday to Friday
– Keys: ♛ = Wi-Fi friendly
– Directions for quicker finds: “NE cnr” = North-east corner
Lunch: On campus
Is walking out of the building and around the corner too much for you? If so, these few are for you lazy folks. Starting off, with eats within the school:
– Subway: $4+ (SJ building A, ground)
– Fit for Life: $4+ (SJ building A, ground)
– Kings Lounge: $4+ (menu – SJ building A, ground)
Pizza Pizza: $5+ (SJ building A, basement)
Asian Gourmet: $7+ (SJ building A, basement)

Lunch: Familiar spots
You already know what to expect here. This visit is to satisfy your rare cravings.
McDonalds ♛ (George/Front @ 121 Front Street E & Queen/Church @ 127 Church St)
Wendy’s ♛ (40 King Street W, #128)
Quiznos (109 Front Street E)
– Quesada Burritos & Tacos (menu: here – NW Cnr. King/Church @ 92 King Street E)
Big Smoke Burger  (92 King Street E)
Burger King ♛ (SW Cnr, George/Front @ 106 Front Street East)
South St Burger ♛ (NE Cnr. Princess/King @ 260 King St E)


Lunch: Grab & Go
Be weary of the distance of each. Food outside the bubble is worth the extra prancing.
–  Pita Land
253 King Street East – King/Princess @ NW Cnr
    * After countless occasions, I’ve never, ever digged Middle Eastern food in Toronto, this is one of the many – but my garlic sauce cravings need to be satisfied!
–  Freshii
    * $5 Daily Special wrap with a beverage purchase
–  Amaya Express 
    * $6.99 Daily Special curry served with rice and a choice of salad
–  Chef on the Run
200 Adelaide Street East – SJ building B, Level 1
I’ve always found this to be mighty peculiar. It’s moderate pricing and distant attitude, especially. I’d find it pleasant if GBC was reimbursing a snippet of the efforts of the individual culinary student’s tuition would be the case, but it’s not. The people/students (?) that seem to be regularly dealing with the sales know nothing about the items being pushed out – greater passion (and employment opportunity) would be found in a student who has actually created the goods themselves. Just a few of my peeves. I do support this retail spot nonetheless.
Many items can be found here, but if not here – word is, the items move from upstairs to downstairs the following day; so, you can sight other options on the second floor as well.
Upon the great goods, there are small salads ($2), soups ($2), baked goods ($2~3) and entrees ($6).
The entrees are to be heated up, I’ve regularly found my selections to be dry. None have won my heart yet, but I do find this as a delightful spot to grab pastries, desserts and other sweets at $4~8. I once purchased four delicious blue cheese quiches for $4 and a mocha cake for $8!
    * TL;DR: Always something new! Opens at 11AM. The desserts are promising. Student-crafted meals ready to pop into the microwave for $6.
 Bolet’s Burrito
134 Lower Sherbourne Street – M-W: 11AM~7PM, T-F: 11AM~8PM
    * NB: Spot Rabbas and hang to it’s left passageway
    * Many options! Well-priced at $5~8
    * Word is: Everything is delicious
    * Far from my favourite and far from authentic, but it does it’s job at being super filling
–  Bob’s Bulgogi
105 Victoria Street @ Richmond/Victoria, NE Cnr – M-T: 10AM~7PM, F: 11AM~5PM
    * Word is: the Beef Bulgogi on Rice is a delight ($6.99)!
–  Shawarma House
222 The Esplanade – Princess/Esplanade, NE Cnr
    * Word is: Falafel
36 Toronto Street – Toronto/Adelaide, NW Cnr
    * Word is: Breakfast special ($3.25) with egg, cheese and bacon. Get the pesto Mayo!
    * Sandwiches $4~, Chicken wrap or jerk chicken on salad $5~
    * Friday: $5.75 Rotis!


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