2190 McNicoll Avenue #119
Scarborough, Canada
Open 24/7 – Chinese

A 24/7 treasure in Scarborough. Rolling in on a chilly evening at 3AM after a late-night shift, this was exactly what I needed. Upon entry, we were blessed with swell the welcoming of no line. Subtle foreign murmurs and amusing sights of girls stumbling in throughout. A young fella is seen through a window a long the kitchen continually working his magic (see what I did there) with both hands, clutching a log of dough, pulling and thwacking it against the table. “The apprentice taking place of the absent (regular) old man”, my friend went on to tell a tale.

The standard expectation of a Chinese restaurant, quick and simple. A litre of water by your side to quench your own thirst and chili oil, salt & pepper and vinegar for taste. Food in 15!
1. Sizzling Tofu ($1.50)
Our tofu appetizer came first, and this was a true delight. Wow! So beautifully crispy, and seasoned in, what tasted like a fine mix of Chinese and Indian spices.

2. Hand-pulled Noodles with Shrimp Wontons & Dragon Bones ($7.99)
The broth was a plain Jane, but, I excitingly spiced mine up with four small spoons of chili oil. Perfection! The Dragon Bones were dry and truly lacked meat, a sad shame. The Wonton Dumplings were also much smaller than you’d expect – a teaspoon-sized goodie! But, putting that aside, the main focus was the almighty grail of hand-pulled noodles! Delightful in flavour, chewy and plopped in an amazing tangled bundle into your bowl.
3, Hand-pulled Noodles with Beef Haggis ($7.99)
Beef haggis is also a flavourful win. I believe that these would be an assorted range of meat innards. You can never go wrong with tripe and lungs!
Definitely will be back here for a quick late night feed. Cheap and satisfying! I would like to try their Green Onion Pancakes, “Special Snacks”, as well as their other six skewers – they require much more of my tastings.
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