Start your day right. On the road to becoming a (voluntary) caffeine-addict, George Brown College has plenty of caffeine options. There are a nice number of coffee spots on campus, and plenty of independent cafes to unwind at with a laptop a block or two down or around. 
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“Coffee Spots” subheaded into:
On Campus, Familiar spots, Grab & Go and Lounge & Sip

– Times listed below are for the work week, Monday to Friday
– Keys: ♛ = Wi-Fi friendly
– Directions for quicker finds: “NE cnr” = North-east corner
You can simplify the walking distance by bracing the following on-campus and familiar spots:
Cafes: On Campus
–  Tim Hortons (SJ building A, basement and ground)
–  Kings Lounge (menu – SJ building A, ground)

–  Coffee kiosk (SJ building A, level 4)
–  GBCafé (SJ building B, level 2)

Cafes: Familiar spots
–  Starbucks (George/King, SW cnr @ 185 King Street East)
–  Second Cup (Jarvis/King, SE cnr @163 King Street East)
–  Aroma Espresso (Princess/King, NW cnr @ 250 King Street East)

But, since you’re already going to spend the extra dollars, why not try out an independent spot? Strangely, I have never appreciated hot drinks, so I don’t have a word on their roasts – but, reviews I have come across say many great things. Each have an array of sweets, and some, tasty sandwiches!

Cafes: Grab & Go: 
Get ready for smiles, because there will be plenty. You’re in for a speedy and made-with-love treat!

–  Fahrenheit
120 Lombard Avenue – 7AM~6PM
    * Latte art lovers
    * Pastries and sweets
–  Everyday Gourmet
95 Front Street East (St. Lawrence Market)
    * $1 small coffee
    * Pastries and sweets
–  The Black Canary Espresso Bar
61 Sherbourne Street – 7AM~7PM
–  Mystic Muffin
113 Jarvis St (Richmond/Jarvis, NE Cnr) – 6:30AM~5PM – Cash only
    * Bagel sandwiches in many variaties
    * Word is: Falafels and Apple Cake

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Cafes: Lounge & Sip
You better bet that there’s Wi-Fi here! Search for the closest outlet and get back to studying.

–  Cafe 260
260 Richmond Street East – 6:30AM~6PM 
    * Cozy couch seating a bonus!
    * Both pastries, soups and sandwiches found here
–  B Espresso Bar
111 Queen Street East, Suite 201 – 7:30AM~6PM
    * Communal tables
    * Delicious array of sweets, wraps and paninis
–  Tandem Coffee
368 King Street East – 7AM~6PM
    * Pastries and savoury bites
  The Rooster Coffee House
343 King Street East -7AM~8PM 
    * $1.50 for a small coffee, $2 tea
    * Pastries and sweets
–  G for Gelato & Espresso Bar
75 Jarvis Street
    * Daily in-house made Gelatos
    * Wednesdays: Two for One scoop of their house-made gelato

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