1382 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, Canada
Bar – Southwestern – Saloon-style

Sunday brunch stop, on the Danforth. This was my first time making a trip down to the Danforth, but not for their glorious selections of Greek spots, but, for brunch! The Wren is a saloon-styled pub with a sublime craft beer selection – a week after the creation of my New Year’s Resolution list, I am still at the peak of my confidence that I do not need to drink beer a 1PM. A skim of their craft beer list etched onto a chalkboard up front, my heart still skipped a beat at the sight of Nickelbrook’s Immodest showing up on the list, other sweet selections included a few Great Lakes and Flying Monkeys. To soothe myself into my vow for a beer-free weekend, I opted for a low-carb traditional ol’ Canadian Caesar.
The Wren’s menu oozes of Mexican and Southwestern comfort food, as well as daily specials for dinner. This was definitely going to be a more interesting pick for our Sunday brunch. Into the habit of our lingering experience at Bar Buca, we went for a few dishes that were definitely not going to be tapas, but we went for that style of dining.

1. Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice | $4/8oz
2. Wren Caesar | $7.08
Smoky Citrus-infused Vodka (1.5 oz), Clamato, Worchestershire and house-made Haberno Hot Sauce
I usually get mine extra-spiced, but this was already packed with a real punch.
All at once, we had a lovely spread to dig into.
3. The Backyard Burger ($12) 
1/3lb of Beef Chuck, Hanger & Brisket on a Brioche Bun and a side of Fries 
This super simple Backyard Burger was a beauty, it reminded me of the good ol’ Licks days living by Q-beach. With all of the regular burger fix ins of lettuce, tomato, mustard and ketchup. A real pity because we originally ordered The Wren Burger – which had a bunch of other creative and amped up ingredients in it. The Fries on side were super crispy and delicious. A sweet Brioche Bun is also always key!
4. Pork Belly Eggs Benedict ($12) 
Two Poached Eggs with Hollandaise Sauce on Tea Biscuits and a side of Home Fries and Salad
Brunch isn’t brunch without an Eggs Benny! We were dang ready for oozing poached eggs. A very simple (untraditional Asian) pull-apart, lightly marinated Pork Belly served on top of perfectly sized warm biscuits. A delightful mixed salad on side – the home fries were simple bland broken up fries.
5. Jalapeño & Cheddar Polenta ($11)
Cheesy Polenta topped with Salsa, a Poached Egg and Pulled Pork in Dark Mole
Scattered with strips of Tortilla, it’s so salted that they definitely needed more to dip with! The Cheddar Polenta was so beautifully seasoned, creamy and nicely spiced with Jalapeño… But it did feel more as an entrée/dip than a main meal.
Overall, a satisfying feed at The Wren. This definitely didn’t work as a tapas style as we were absolutely stuffed by the third dish! A swell menu of southwestern picks and great service. The have awesome price points, their dishes running from $12~$17. I totally want to come back a second time around for dinner – their daily specials in particular and a craft pint… One day.
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