With the new warmer weather, it’s only right that there’s a Summer Menu to match.

Boston Pizza has answered that calling with the proud roll out of some delicious new summer menu items – The MVB (Most Valuable Burger), a darling Dessert Burger and refreshing Handcrafted Quenchers are the perfect way to treat yourself this summer.

For our visit, we were excited to dig into the well-named MVBMost Valuable Burger. What about the MVB? It’s a perfectly seasoned patty of 100% Canadian beef sandwiched between a fresh brioche bun. Biting into the tang of pickle, fresh cut tomatoes and lettuce, the melted cheddar and BP’s signature cactus dip, my taste buds were singing!

Boston Pizza Summer Menu 2016

The “MVP” Most Valuable Burger, 100% Canadian beef patty between a brioche bun, topped with cheddar cheese, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, pickles and the signature cactus dip. -13.99

Boston Pizza Summer Menu 2016

Layers on layers seen in the MVB

MVB in hand, I couldn’t think of anything better to cool down to with than a 45-calorie Handcrafted Quencher. They are available in three natural flavours: Black Raspberry, Cucumber & Lime and Mango & Ginger and contain no added sugar, perfect since we took advantage of the unlimited refills! Think about kicking back on the airy patio and sipping one until the sun goes down. We ordered the Black Raspberry and Mango & Ginger, both drinks that had a light fruity flavour with the right amount of carbonation. In addition to these alcohol-free drinks, we had to try the Watermelon Mojito; well-blended Bacardi white rum along with muddled mint, watermelon syrup and lime juice. This makes for a great pitcher to share among friends.

Boston Pizza Summer Menu 2016

Handcrafted Quenchers, Black Raspberry & Mango / Ginger -3.19  

The best had to be saved for last, the Dessert Burger.. Imagine all of this: a bed of sweet potato bun plopped with a rich chocolate ganache and vanilla ice cream… Mmm. I was also applauded with my order, apparently this treat is a crowd favourite at Boston Pizza! Scoop by scoop, I refused to share, and for $3, it made a world of value. The rich, chocolate ganache was tied in well with the sweet potato bun and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Boston Pizza Summer Menu 2016

The Dessert Burger, decadent chocolate ganache and vanilla ice cream, drizzled with caramel sauce and sandwiched between a warm, sweet bun. $3

Boston Pizza Summer Menu 2016   Boston Pizza Summer Menu 2016

A time enjoyed, I have to give a solid shout out to the service at the Richmond Hill location of Boston Pizza, absolutely commendable!  I can’t wait to return for more eats of the newest Summer Menu to share along with my friends! And, you, Dessert Burger, won’t you stay all year around?

Check out Boston Pizza’s new Summer menu for yourself, here.

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