This is a backlog is from our Kitchener visit in Spring 2015, the weather was just becoming warmer, but unfortunately (or so very fortunately) for our weekend visit, there was an unexpected heavy downpour of rain throughout. We were restricted from going on with our original plans to visit the muddy two-day Ever After Festival, with this we forced ourselves to sprawl out and figure out whatever else there is to do in this town, it stretched out to Waterloo and Guelph. Little did we know, it’d become one of our most memorable weekends.

We were just looking for a quick stop. I’m not a coffee – or anything hot – or anything drinker, just a chilled pint for me and I’m a happy little bee. After lunch, we were on our way back to the apartment. My suggestion was to visit a cafe as Arthur loves his caffeine pick-me-up regardless of the time of day, and with that I found the Princess Cinemas Cafe. “Cute, I guess”, I thought, as imagined a similar look of Yonge & Finch’s Cafe Princess, a Korean-run cafe which touches of a dimmed Victorian-era wallpaper, couches and teddy bears too proper to touch. But, any coffee is a coffee for him at this point in time.

Peculiar, the cafe is situated inside this cinema? We both wanted to use the restroom and with a quick peek into the cafe, there didn’t seem to be any in there. The cinema beared low walls, with next to no bustle inside and a single worker manning a booth, it felt like we were the only other ones there.

Princess Cafe, Kitchener (2015) Princess Cafe, Kitchener (2015)

Black wooden framed posters with minimalist styled artwork adorned our path up the stairs and to the cafe. Inside the cafe, we were also the only other ones there besides a fella on his laptop. But I was pleasantly surprised by the space, the floor to ceiling artwork that adorned the backwall made us feel like we were in a completely different space.

A look of the menu, and Arthur’s choice jumped from a hot black coffee to a chilled craft beer. Along with craft beer by the bottle and on tap, they served a coffee + tea menu, fresh made food options of panini and sandwiches. We were offered up two glasses with our order of La Formidable from Gigantic Brewing. We set ourselves along the high-top window seating, swinging our feet, chattering about the gorgeous space and went on to people watch, as you do, when you have the opportunity to sit by the window in Canada.

Princess Cafe, Kitchener (2015)

Princess Cafe, Kitchener (2015) Princess Cafe, Kitchener (2015)

Princess Cafe, Kitchener (2015) Princess Cafe, Kitchener (2015)

Princess Cafe, Kitchener (2015) Princess Cafe, Kitchener (2015)  Princess Cafe, Kitchener (2015)

Princess Cafe
46 King St N
Waterloo, Ontario
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