Last week, we visited Fionn MacCool’s to check out their new #GoodFoodPromise. What’s it all about? A step into a new direction dedicated to serving up a combination of locally sourced ingredients by environmentally sustainable means. Beef is supplied by hormone and antibiotic-free Beretta Farms, all seafood is sustainably caught and ocean-wise certified as well as the use of only cage-free eggs.

On top of all of the ethically sourced ingredients, 50c of each Mill St. pint sold goes to a local charity.

It was my first time ever stepping foot into Fionn MacCool’s, and I was pleasantly surprised by the dining experience! Initially, I was expecting solely Irish pub fare but embraced a combination of Canadian cuisine through the use of Yukon potatoes and Canadian bacon.

Among our four orders, the star of it all was the buttermilk-battered calamari paired with a sweet chili sauce that had the perfect amount of spice. Chef Adam Brown explained that each giant Atlantic squid is caught one at a time and that the calamari “fries” were made cutting from the giant ring of the squid! I love that. The two burgers were generously sized, and the quality of the meat and the fish was very impressive. The chicken and waffles were a recent addition to the menu as well; it stood out with perfectly cooked morsels of fried chicken, Belgian-style sugary waffles, tart granny smith apples and Ontario honey for dipping.

Everything was absolutely right. I love that I know where all of my food comes from, and it’s all incredibly delicious at that! From now on, every time I walk by a Fionn MacCool’s, I will be tempted to make an order of that calamari to go.

Read more about Fionn MacCool’s #GoodFoodPromise and discover their menu!

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