The Stop’s Night Market hitting Toronto it’s second time, and this year, it was a two day event. My speedy sister was able to get tickets before they all sold out (in two hours) which is pretty awesome considering the amount of people that must have been trying to chase it up (publicity apparently thanks to Toronto Life). 
Tickets at $50 each for your chosen night. This event is in support of The Stop’s Community Food Centre, which is an incredible effort that has been continually providing food to members of the Toronto community. This two day event managed to raise $115 000! Supporting a good cause AND all the food and drinks you could possibly devour, what could be better? 
The event, situated behind Honest Ed (a massive discount store dating from back in the day) – in Honest Ed’s Alley. This was the perfect venue and right amount of space. The weather was just right and you had to be there so see the food cart displays – absolutely incredible!
Entering the alley and welcomed by so many delicious treats.
Libretto‘s Mini meatball sliders with ricotta and salmoriglio
Arisu‘s Galbi Ssam and pork belly & onion enoki roll
Takoyaki lobster balls
The Royal Tree Beaver (couldn’t get more Canadian than that ay) had pulled pork topped with coldslaw
416 Snack Bar – Korean Fried Chicken
Marben’s Tequila and Rainbow Trout 
Cote De Boeuf’s mini corned beef sandwiches
The Gabardine’s plate
Momofuku’s menu for the night
Receiving my first telegram (in 2013)
Yours Truly had an amazing Lamb flat bread roll
Adorable mini donuts of Tori’s Bakeshop

Mini Salted Caramel cupcakes
Paulette’s Cinnamon donuts
My sister and I left incredibly full and satisfied. So many good foods in one place – 
Someone has to remind me to bring a tupperware container next time!