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#ElBruncho at @FondaLola


The glorious between breakfast-and-lunch options never ends, Fonda Lola has amped up their addition to Sunday brunch in Toronto. Fonda Lola is a Mexican eatery on Queen West, Fonda translated “casual bistro”, is owned by the ever warming Ernesto Rodriguez in tribute to his passion for the food he has grown up with by his grandmother, Lola. The Mexican eatery has built upon their brunch menu this month, featuring their favourites of both old, as well as new tasty additions.

Throughout this afternoon, I discovered the delights of pineapple-jalapeño (and how much I would like to create a blended spicy sauce like that of my own), the best home fries ever, tequila infused into a refreshing start, and just how glorious an eggs benny and refried beans could really be.

Scroll ahead, go on and feast with your eyes:


Tequila Granola Parfait, house-made tequila infused granola, Greek yogurt and fresh fruit drizzled with tequila honey ($5 small, $10 large)


The tequila granola parfait was a smooth and sweet start with chilled fresh fruits. Tequila is infused throughout the granola and honey, we gulped it down in scoop loads. Sunday brunch, is Sunday brunch with a caesar, the in-housemade candied bacon found sitting on top was spectacular (you can also order it buy the bunch for $5), as oppose to the regularly vodka-amped cocktail, the caesar at Fonda Lola instead has their own house-aged tequila! Surrounded by plenty more, the caesar is apart of the #HealthyBoozin selection, no artificial flavours or additives are ever found behind the bar at Fonda Lola.


Caesar, Clamato, aguachile and house-aged tequila. ($12)


“A basket of candied bacon to go, please!”


Lola’s Eggs Benny, two poached eggs with cochinita on English muffins with chipotle hollandaise, home fries and kale salad. ($15)

I fell in love with Lola’s Eggs Benny. I am also prepared for a cloud to thunder over me as I confess: I am not a fan of eggs benedict. When I go to brunch, I usually resort to the strictly taters and meat dishes, steering away from any unbalanced hollandaise muck and unapproved sides. But this dish here at Fonda Lola, there were two perfectly poached eggs laid ontop of a soft spongy English muffin, and the protein? Slow-roasted pork, cochinita. The chipotle hollandaise sauce poured across suited the entire runny and saucy bites well, and those home fries… absolutely addictive! I also made very generous use of the pineapple jalapeño sauce, we wanted it by the jar. Bonus: Choose can be made between spinach or cochinita.

Our love for the pineapple jalapeño sauce and deliciously made home fries with a decorated individual plate of it’s own:



Breakfast Tacos, egg whites, bacon, onion, crema and salsa roja served with home fries. ($14)

While we were praying to the #homefries gods, our prayers were answered with another bowl of home fries with a pair of breakfast tacos. The breakfast tacos were a delicious vegetarian option, easily opting out the bacon of this, there were soft eggs whites with the crema & salsa roja truly amplifying the flavours in this soft taco. Our pineapple jalapeño sauce was further put to use in this round, a little bit goes a long way.

Of course, I cannot forget this notable bite – much familiar to me as nachos at the first look, these are more appropriately named the “hangover chilaquiles“. Flavours of salsa soaked into these tortilla chips with a bed of excellently made refried beans beneath and a fried egg with crema and oaxaca cheese to poke into with each bite over the top.


Hangover chilaquiles, salsa Mexicana soaked tortilla chips, topped with jalapeños, crema, oaxaca cheese and a fried egg, with a side of refried beans. ($13)


Mexican French Toast, Mexican plantain bread, apple & berry compote with horchata cream and cinnamon. ($13)

Excellent as a meal of it’s own, or a sweet ending to share… But you have got to make space for this! The Fonda Lola twist of a fresh toast is thick slices of plaintain bread with a seasonal fruit selection of compote (here we have apple and berry) with horchata cream and cinnamon to both wonderfully compliment. I’m not a pick for french toast, but this spectacular subtly sweet item, I could have finished the plate of.

A spectacular ending, and trial of my favourites of their Sunday #ElBruncho selection, I was attracted to each one of them, but the Lola’s Eggs Benny had to be my favourite once I return for a single dish, and, a basket of Candied Bacon and Mexican French Toast to share! Enjoy #Elbruncho at Fonda Lola from 11am to 4pm every Sunday.