It’s Mother’s Day! We went to Spring Sushi to celebrate. All-you-can-eat sushi??? This is unheard of! I was super excited once we got there. Our order amount quickly rose to 58 in the first twenty minutes. The interactive menus on the iPad made ordering lots more fun!
Spring Sushi All-You-Can-Eat Pricing:
Lunch (Before 3:30PM): Adult @ 15.99, >65 @ 13.99, <12 @10.99 & <4 @ 2.99
Dinner (After 3.30PM): Adult @23.99, >65 @ 19.99, <12 @ 13.99 & <4 @3.99
The Dinner menu (after 3.30PM) has a few more items!
 Yes. yes. yes. yes. yes. Sushi!!!
– Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet 
– Sliced Beef with Enoki Mushroom
– Deep Fried Breaded Scallop
– Seaweed Salad 
– B.B.Q Beef Rib
The Sushi and Spring Sashimi pieces came in one piece per order – we ordered quite a few of these! It was nicely presented on the serving plate (third row, first photo)
– Shrimp Skewer 
– Jumbo Shrimp Tempura
– Mixed Vegetable Tempura 
– Takoyaki 
– Grilled Eggplant
– Sushi Rolls 
– Seafood Udon
They even had a Thai Food Menu for the all-you-can-eat! Featuring the popular Pad Thai and Thai curries!
 Sushi pieces coming in six pieces, delicious tempura prawns, sashimi and tempura vegetables – my fave!
 Mango Nectar ($6) – which tasted like plain ol’ mango skin, and mango ice cream, which wasn’t pleasant to eat at all
Guava lollies and the menu iPads charging!
I loved the whole experience here – not particularly the service, just the variety of food and the iPad menus!
We made our orders all in one go, and once all our plates came, it took a very long time – about 20 minutes – for the server to accept our second lot of orders. Cheeky little servers, they don’t want us to get our value for money :p

Every plate was average for me. But my favourites, which I would order five plates of (maybe just two, to myself :p), would be the Grilled Prawn Skewers and the Vegetable Tempura!!!!! I love tempura everything! his is such a great price for an all you can eat (compared to my experience of having to pay $25+ for a chat buffets in Sydney). I would definitely come again.

Spring Sushi
10 Dundas St East, Suite 500
Toronto ON
M5B 2G9 Canada

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