‘Lunch Prix Fixe’. My first week in Canada and this is the first time I’ve heard this term, I am in love with it. 
This Lunch Prix Fixe especially, has two options of a salad, pizza and dessert! And all for $15. Which is pretty sweet.
 Lovely and cozy! – The Lunch Prix Fixe Menu
I just love the description on the menu. This ‘VPN’ status means that they will always use high quality ingredients and create the pizza in a traditional manner.
The complimentary bread prior to our main dishes, were delicious! There were two assortments for each of us. 
1. Argula Salad ($9)
Pear, Walnut, Piave, Ontario Gamay Vinaigrette
2. Caprese Salads ($12)
Ontario Fiore di Latte, Basil, Cookstown Seedlings, Olive Oil
I loved the way I was able to slice through the pieces, delicious!
3. Margherita D.O.P ($14) 
(With Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella)
Rich in the taste of fresh tomatoes – I just couldn’t help but think when I reached the crust – where my ranch dip at???
4. Cacciatore Salami ($17)
(With Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella, Herbs)
It’s $5 extra to substitute for any other pizza on the menu – of course we had to get the highest priced one. 
5. Vanilla and Chocolate Gelato ($6)
6. Biscotti ($3)
I was so excited for this! I’ve seen so many youtube videos of how it’s made. I expected to receive bits of fruits and for it to be served by some wine. I have such a narrow understanding of this – I didn’t like it enough to want to take the rest home to nibble on.
Overall, this was a tasty meal, I loved the Caprese salad an I would love to try the more curious pizza items on the menu next time – the Housemade Sausage or Duck Confit sounds amazing!

Pizzeria Libretto
221 Ossington Ave 
Toronto, ON 
M6J 2Z8 Canada
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