406 Queen St W
Toronto, Canada

Sandwiches – Middle Eastern – Take-out – Poutine – Salad

Rose City Kitchen is most definitely an undermined eatery in Queen West, located just West of Queen & Spadina. I avoided this spot (like many other Queen West spots) while residing in the neighborhood since I believed that it wouldn’t be worth trying, but really – it deserves all of the praise! Their incredible fresh flavour combinations, made to order. Sandwiches are served up in a half-cut pita. “1 for a snack, 2 for a meal, 3 if you’re starving…” is recommended – but I was strangely super stuffed after sharing (!!!) a poutine, we were struggling to finish up our two half-cut pitas. The beauty is that you start with choosing your protein – Chicken ($5), Falafel ($4), Steak ($5) and Halloumi ($5), then onto the style of condiments and seasoning, there are the “RCK” Original, Greek, Lebanese, Morrocan and Egyptian to choose from. Check out their sweet, sweet menu, here.

1. RCK Poutine ($7)
With Sumac-seasoned Fries, grated Halloumi, Hummus Aioli and Taboulleh. Add Falafels (+$1)
Good god. A Middle Eastern Poutine?! Give it all to me. The Falafels here run for 55c a piece, my inner hustling Asian-self felt that this was fantastic value as we received four for $1. The fries were crispy, and were a filling delight – Mediterranean generously oozing – tangy, and full of flavour.
In-house made Rose Petal hot sauce – a ting of spice, and a mouthful of roses.
My hands are small, it was fairly petite.
2. Glass Coke bottles 
I don’t fancy pop at all. But we “had” to get these they are apparently from Mexico…
3. Morrocan Sandwich ($5)
Harissa dressing, Couscous, shredded Lettuce, Red Onions, Tomatoes, sliced Almonds, Apricots, Parsley and Chickpeas with Steak
4. Greek with Chicken ($5)
Tzatziki, Cucumber, Lettuce, Red Onions, Tomatoes, Oregano, Garlic Oil and Haloumi Cheese with Chicken
We managed to take our first nibble of these 30 minutes after it was prepared for us. So… The pitas were of course stiff, and within an hour (or two…), they were completely cold. I just wasn’t hungry! The flavours were absolutely incredible! I can only comment on the Greek tasting incredibly authentic; I loved the balance of the bits of Apricot and the strong Harissa dressing in the Morrocan. Very nice. The meat was very dry, but it’s what I sort of expected.
Great service, fresh, awesome for take-out and nice pricing. Be prepared to wait about 10 minutes if you’re doign take-out, throughout my (three? four hours?…) stay, that was the approximate time that I scouted. RCK is an awesome change up from my usual fare of eats. I will definitely be back to try out their Halloumi, perhaps a single Pita and their Humus.
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