356 College Street
Toronto, Canada
Deli – Sandwiches – All-day breakfast – Open until 10PM


I’ve walked past Caplansky’s Delicatessen plenty of times during the summer, but at that time, all I wanted was a patio! The dining experience was far from what I expected. I imagined the spot to be half of it’s size, and filled with only bench seating. But,  seating was plenty, and they have a bar which has five beers on tap! This is also an awesome spot for all-day breakfast. Very pleased to roll into this cozy (and clean!) old-school feeling diner after an exhausting two days, and still a long night ahead, I just needed a pint in my system. The service was fantastic, our server was super timely with everything, my tastebuds may also have been swayed after comping one of our orders after a mix-up and providing us with gluttonous maple-bacon donuts. Both of us, new to Jewish cuisine, we formerly decided to go for something fitting for this chilly weather, so we of course had to get their signature Matzo Ball Chicken Soup.
1. Chicken Soup with Matzo Ball ($4.50)
2. BBQ Beef Brisket Dinner ($17)
Braised Beef covered in Onion and Tomato, served with seasonal Vegetables and Mash
The Chicken Soup was delightful! It was a bowl of true comfort food. The Matzo Ball was a cushion-y, moist and soup-infused goodie. The BBQ Beef Brisket Dinner was a surprising size for a ‘dinner portion’ – very nice Beef Brisket none the less!

Split up | 3/5 Mustards available, the Extra Spicy Mustard is a favourite!
3. Side of Pickles ($5~)


4. BBQ Brisket on a Bun ($12)

Pulled Beef Sandwich with Crispy Onions and dressed with in-house made BBQ Sauce on a Silverstein’s Onion bun, added melted Cheddar (+$1)

We actually had a surprising amount of on here. I didn’t know that each dish would come with one, but their pickles are some of the best, super firm and crunchy! The BBQ Beef Brisket is some of the better Brisket that I’ve had. Although it held no flavour, I loved the touch of the Crispy Onions – also, the Cheddar Cheese is a must add!
5. The Reubenesque ($13)
Smoked Meat, Swiss Cheese, Russian Dressing and Sauerkraut on Rye
When you think of a Smoked Meat sandwich, you’d imagine a sandwich stacked uncomfortably (for me, at least) high. So, that’s the part that it skimped out on. Really enjoyed the flavour combinations of crunchy Sauerkraut and Swiss Cheese.
6. Maple-bacon Donuts ($3)
Fresh from the fryer, it was nice and warm. These were donut holes heavily drenched in Maple Syrup and specks of Bacon – I believe that this has potential to be a lot more exciting!
Nothing wowed me too much, the food was just what I anticipated! It’s higher priced, but it makes a great lunch spot. Pretty tasty smoked meat! I would like to come back for another pint and more Jewish-feelin’ dishes.


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