Hey! So begins my long delayed Sydney posts. I’ll try to remember every detail! 
I visited this place during December 2012, with my sister and ex-neighbor, Cynthia! I’ve always absolutely loved talking about food to Cynz and was so glad that we could finally all go out together. Walking down the lengthy street of Church Street in Parramatta, we finally found ourselves infront of Ribs and Rumps – one of the last restaurants down the strip!
I absolutely loved the ceiling! I felt like it was going to eat me up (hehe)
Cutlery, plates, a bowl for bones, bibs and a few wipes for afterwards.
Cynthia, an experienced R&R eater, recommended to us so many things, I taking dishes advice from her! She is always spot on 🙂 We let her do the choosing, and happily waited for our orders to come out.
 1. Pork Ribs Full Rack ($49.95)
(Lean and tender pork ribs in special marinade, then grilled with R&R’s signature basting and served with a choice of fries or potatoes n’ sour cream)
We went with onion rings to replace the fries – and a choice we did not regret! The pork ribs were tasty, with delicious marinade!
2. Mixed Grill ($52.95)
(A combination of beef and lamb ribs, rump steak, lamb chops and a tangy beef sausage, topped with a fried egg.)
Oh boy, oh boy! Was I excited. Two types of ribs, rump, lamb chops and sausage! I don’t like steak too much so I didn’t touch much of it, but the lamb chop (of course) was delicious! The sausage was definitely tangy, it had a few herbs in it going on, it didn’t do much for me though. Lamb ribs were as suspected. It was the juiciest! I didn’t like the beef too much, it reminded me of my ribs at Monster Steakhouse, lol.
And here I am, bib n’ all, ready to devour!
 Mmmm! Pork ribs!
3. Onion Rings (5.95)
Tasty, tasty, tasty! Exactly how onion rings should be! It was wonderfully seasoned.
4. Fries (5.95) 
We ended up ordering fries after our ribs came… and it took a LONG time. We had to ask the server twice for our fries, and ended up having to order it again. Sigh. So by the time it came, we couldn’t even enjoy it as we were all too full.
Heh, remember that time at Mamak… (pic)
They were even selling Ribs and Rumps merch! Super cute.
Ribs and Rumps was average overall. It was certainly damn expensive, but I had terrific company. They aced their onion rings, and the lamb was tasty! But not so much everything else… Not sure if I would come here again, but, for R&R members, they provide $30 off, which is a fantastic discount off the bill! I signed up in November (my birthday is in December), and never ended up receiving mine though, heh *shrugs.

353 Church St 
Parramatta, NSW 
2150 Australia
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