1566 Queen St W 
Toronto, ON 
M6R 1A6, Canada 
Dinner – Bar
In celebration of Parts and Labour’s third year in Parkdale, they were having a $15 all-you-can-eat! With Pig head tacos, ribs, fried chicken and clam bake – which, I’m not too sure if the same items are on their regular menu.

Situated in the much more hipster side of this whole area (I’d think at least), we have a French-Canadian cuisine restaurant! We got to the doors 20 minutes earlier than they decided to open.

Sippin’ a glass of Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic ($8.00) – I ordered wanting a lemon lime bitters or vodka sunrise – but, I apparently shouldn’t have been surprised that Canadian bars don’t serve those types of drinks… But it was my first time having Hendrick’s Gin and it was great! I loved how smooth and refreshing it was, especially with the squidge of lime.
And finally, after one and a half hours of sitting in our seats and nibbling on  popcorn drizzled in Sriracha sauce, they finally had the plates set out and ready for us to feast on!
 Pig heads! My taco taco taco
The line grew quickly, and remained that way for the next hour and half.
 Three variations of our plates – plated up ribs, fried chicken and pork head!
The fried chicken had a great herby taste to it! Mmmhmm! And pork, was exactly how I dreamt it to be.
We went for seconds, but by this time, there was not much left. Clam bake and roast vegetables remaining.
Slice of fatty pork cheek, and, look at that finely carved pork heads… We are savages.
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