1928 McCowan Road
Scarborough, Ontario
M1S 4K1, Canada
Breakfast, Brunch & Lunch – Open til’ 9PM – Patio
A Monday morning, and a round two of our attempt to Wonderland, the clouds have finally cleared and we were seated for breakfast at Panagio’s Breakfast & Lunch. Briskly being seated, we were excited! Peeping at other fellow diner’s meals, the portions definitely seemed to be value for money. I am hardly in any other place than downtown, so I always find it a peculiar sight to spot restaurants, practically deserted just off the highway. Panagio’s is many of these few in Scarborough, You’re able to squint a railway and a Canadian Tire in the distance, as well as an abandoned Staples.

1. Texmex Messy Burrito ($9.99)
Burrito filled with Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, Green Pepper, Cheddar Cheese topped with Salsa Verde and Served with Homefries and “Fresh Fruit”
The Texmex Messy Burrito was massive! Nothing messy about it, since we dug into it with a fork and knife. It was definitely filling, and truly a great, recommended hangover feed. No surprises here, it did need more Bacon, and I really did like the blanket of Cheddar Cheese. There wasn’t anything special about the few well-cooked Homefries, or the wittled Fresh Fruit.
2. Cluckin’ Good ($10.99)
Three Fried Chicken Strips on a Golden Waffle
Seriously, with this menu header, Cluckin’ Good, it was too cute to resist! It was a disappointing below average though, the “Golden Waffle” was not fluffy at all, and almost tough. The Chicken Strips didn’t have anything to praise about either, it was very low in flavouring, and lightly breaded.
Close-ups of the un-loved fruit pieces and the depths beneath the Burrito Wrap.
A great spot if you’re looking to fill yourself up quick. The service was quick as well, we were lucky with our server. We were so filled up, that we weren’t able to fill ourselves up with much else at Wonderland. I would definitely go for their $5 big breakie plates next time – I was just way too distracted by the other captivating items.