94 Cumberland St
Toronto, Canada
Cafe – Quick service
It has been since an unfortunate event in December that I was no longer to enjoy life (food) to the fullest – chicken wings, burgers, sandwiches, wraps, rice paper rolls, spring rolls, peaches, crackers, apples, sushi, biscuits, pork rolls… especially beer were dropped out of my thoughts. This list could actually go on forever. I couldn’t properly dine with somebody without awkwardly chewing on items off my fork, asking for a fork and knife when I had, (stupidly and) absentmindedly ordered a Burger, and making a fool of myself, peeling apart my saucy Chicken Wings at a danky pub, sipping a gorgeous pint of Dieu Du Ciel through a straw… and once that piece of Pulled Pork strings on to pull down a side of my dentures, then seeing the look of complete utter shock on my fellow diner’s face, yup, that was a completely different story.
A long [insert a ridiculous amount of heart-felt adjectives here] process, and here we were, finally, in the month of July, gazing into my elevator reflection. I was ready to conquer the world. My first step? Finding the nearest sandwich shop and snatching up a tasty one to happily and proudly nibble on.
 The cafe was my oyster, all sorts of goodies that I could possibly choose as my first victim,
1. “Verde” Panini ($7.95)
Proscuitto, Brie, Spinach & Mustard
Out of poor habit, I couldn’t quite yet muster the strength to eat it how I usually would have, but it was a great feeling! Very tasty, with the right amount of Proscuitto and Brie Cheese. My tastebuds absolutely escalated since it’s been so, so long. I love how elastic-y the bread was, brilliant.
Not sure if I would do a round two here – I would rather spend near $9 + tax to actually sit, dine and enjoy the company of a friend else where. I have a tad of a pet-peeve standing/walking and eating.