Usual spontaneous dinner date with one of my favourite girls. The cutie had our night all set, we hit up New Shanghai for dinner nad Noggi for dessert.
 Fellas at work making me some dumplings!!

Seated on a saturday night after 20 minutes of waiting
 Yo menu, I really liked their menu! So much variety, beats Cabra any day. We went with all the recommendations from the waiter
Salt Pepper Squid ($14.80)
Stir fried Chinese rice cake with shredded pork ($9.80)
Pork Wonton Soup ($8.30)
Xiao Long Bao ($9.30)
The food wasn’t too shabby. It was good but not great. A good night spent though.
Must eats:
– Salt Pepper Squid ($14.80)
Eh, it can pass…:
– Pork Wonton Soup ($8.30)
New Shanghai
273 Liverpool Rd
Ashfield NSW
Australia 2131
(02) 9797 7284
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