Described as the place just outside Chinatown with a queue any hour of the day. Hey Mamak.
Malaysian foodlings. My first time chowing at this place. Figuring that Market City had free photobooths during the Christmas season, it was the perfect time to check out Mamak. 
 Waiting in line outside until it opened. Fellas getting down to business.
11:30AM, and there was already a line.
Ordering a few goods. My sister and I came down here with an experienced Mamak eater. She knew exactly what to order for us.
15 minutes in since it opened and it is already packed.
Nasi goreng – Malaysian-style friend rice with spicy sambal, eggs, prawns, french beans, assorted veggies, topped with fried shallots ($11.50)
Nasi lemak – Fragrant coconut rice with sambal, peanust, crispy anchovies, cucumber and hard boiled egg ($8.50)
Roti ($5.50) and Teh ais – Ice milk tea ($3.50)
 Milk tea was nice.
Ayam goreng – Malaysian-style fried chicken ($14 for 4/ $4 per piece)
The chicken was godly.
 Roti canai – Served with curry dip and spicy sambal sauce ($5.50)
So fluffy! Best combination with either of the two sauces.
Lunch was good. The chicken was amazing. The fried rice was nothing special and the noodles had that little bit more to look forward to.
Annnd, desert time!
 Roti tisu – Paper-thin, extra-crispy and served tall ($9.50)
When the dessert came out, we all lit up. Look at that tall goodness, shining with sugar and a scoop of ice cream. Oh this was going to be good.
And it was. Best combination of buttery roti with sugar and ice cream. I would eat you again.
All was good. I would only come back for the roti for a little snack and of course the fried chicken. Everyone needs to try this chicken.

Must eats:
– Malaysian-style fried chicken ($14 for 4/ $4 per piece)
Eh, it can pass…:
– Nasi lemak/ Fried Rice ($8.50)

15 Goulburn St
Haymarket NSW
Australia 2000
(02) 9211 1668

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