Square Fish, Queen West

Previous to my Square Fish experience, I imagined a lot to go wrong with novelty shaped sushi. The rice would fall apart, ingredients would be dry and what is so hard about getting fresh sashimi! But… very wonderfully, there was nothing out of place with these sushi-doughnuts “doshi” and squares “mosiac” – learn the terminology, people! Square Fish has opened up on Queen Street West, the hippest place to be just by Spadina Street. The small space is adorned with paintings of whimsical coloured fish of all shapes, with unique food items to match. The freshness of the fish at Square Fish should not be a surprise as this venture is not a new landscape of business for them – with locations of AYCE sushi in various cities, they have their fish shipment and maintenance down pat.

Square Fish
461 Queen Street West,
Toronto, ON, M5V 2A9

Square Fish, Queen West

“Doshi” ($8), a sushi in the form of a doughnut. What was spectacular is that the bottom bun is deep-fried, giving a crunchy and sticky savoury flavour (like banh chung chien for my the Vietnamese food eaters)! It was very difficult to eat, but the mess came with any other novelty sushi, you better be seated when consuming it!

The mega rolls, or “burritoscome in two sizes with different price points ($7.50 and $14). I find that the biggest struggle with sushi burritos for me is being way too full half way. Thankfully, the solution is making smaller rolls! The half portion, a doshi each and 4 squares was a perfect lunch bite for each of us.

Square Fish, Queen WestSquare Fish, Queen West

The “mosaic” sushi squares ($12) were as tasty as they were pretty. A nigiri in a square form! In salmon, beet, tuna, shrimp, cucumber and kani salad, these contained the right amount of sandwiched protein. I’d like the see a portrait being made of these perfectly square sushi – and I’d also like to be there to help eat it afterward.