This was one of the saddest meals I’ve ever had.
Many have commented that Hai Au Lang Nuong is the closest you can get to around here for good ol’ Vietnamese cuisine. I’m not sure if it was because of my emotions that my tastebuds were out of place at the time, or if the food was just plain ol’ average.
You can just skim through this post for the pictures, I wasn’t in my photo-ready mood this night, so I can’t recall the exact names of the dishes, prices and what were in it.
 My cutie friend being the rice server for the night.
 1. Fried Tofu
Very very lightly seasoned, it hardly had any taste.
2. Sweet Sour Pork
Usually, this is meant to be an addictive plate… Not so much here.
3. Rau Muong (Water Spinach)
Not too sure why the sauce was murky and grey – tasted like the usual garlic and spinach though.
 4. Ca Kho (Caramelised fish)
The best dish of them all! I love caramelised-everything! It came in such a small lot though.
5. Canh Chua
Filled with the usuals of canh chua. But, I’ve never liked this soup – I know, very un-Vietnamese of me.
 Everything looking pretty and colourful on my plate. 
They had frames stuck along the ceiling…
They brought out the dessert menu, which consisted of three items.
6. Hai Au’s version of the Creme Caramel Flan
This was pretty unappetising. Tasted like artificial sweetener, and the flan wasn’t melt-in-your-mouth like you’d expect. It was very stiff and riggidy.
7. Che
I think I was the only one that didn’t enjoy this… was way too sweet for my liking, it tasted a tad like strawberry syrup.
They’re probably just best for their BBQ nights (Friday – Sunday). Not so much their other dishes…

Hai Au Lang Nuong
48 Canley Vale Rd
Canley Vale NSW
2166 Australia

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