Fresh East of Paramount Fine Foods has landed a tad North of Yonge and Dundas, it’s their quick-serve sandwich shop that offers an array of Middle Eastern flavours according to the time of the day: Grab your Sandwich in a Bowl, a Salad / Soup, Breakfast Sandwich, and even Make Your Own Pita!

Having been raised in Western Sydney, I have cravings for a good Middle Eastern sandwich bite fairly frequently. It was a haven not so long ago, being surrounded by an ample array of quick snack choices that hit the spot with their god-sent garlic sauce… Every. Single. Time. I’m still searching for perfection. But, you know what? With my recent visit to Subway (I am a dedicated and regular $25 giftcard holder), I decided to be adventurous and ordered up their Falafel Sub with Tahini Sauce, and I was mildly disappointed to say the least, I know exactly what is best from Subway and it definitely isn’t their trending sandwiches or ethnic options… It is now a sure relief to know that Fresh East is down the block, and I was excited to grab a friend for a bite.


When they describe it as quick-serve, they aren’t kidding! The only standing space allowed is to make an order, then you are out the door looking to scavenge for a seat on your own, luckily the AMC nearby holds plenty of seating, so this was our back up idea. LED screens align the top of the service area, as well as the side, listing Specialties and Delights, the side screen listing Soup, Bowl and Sides options.


FreshEast makes it as a simple 5-step process, here were my orders:

  • Choose Your Bread (Zaatar for me. You could also pick a pita!)
  • Choose Your Meat (Beef Shawarma!), would you like it Hot or Cold? (Hot of course)
  • Choose Your Cheese (Shredded Akawi)
  • Choose Your Toppings (Lettuce, Tomato, Radish – extra please, Pickles Onions, Pickles and Olives)
  • Choose Your Sauce (Tahini & Garlic)

In total, it was $7.49. The meat, I inspected from behind the counter is already pre-shaven and slotted away in seperate containers, perhaps for quick-ness and to truly boast the name of a quickserve joint, but my preferred glory would be to be able to watch my freshly shaven meats plotted on the beds of my chosen bun, but that’s me.


A truly generous sandwich-topping process at Fresh East


This Beef Shawarma sandwich hit the spot, the flavours, warmth, unique sharp cheese and those sauces! It sure surpassed the shabby Falafel Sub that’s for sure. The service was genuinely speedy and the prices match it’s freshness and quality. I will have to grab a Salami Sub to compare very soon. I’m glad you are here, Fresh East!

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