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Let’s Eat: Sockeye Salmon

Fresh food produce, it’s here! Apart of this “let’s eat” 9-month series, I’m making a stop at my local grocer each month to pick up the next seasonal produce in line and discovering ways to experiment with it. Saute, bake, or in a salad? There are so many methods. Let’s see how they each go!…

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Creating Tonkotsu Ramen with WASHOKU Explorer

I’m a deep ramen enthusiast, in all depths of deep and light flavours, I give them all love! Straight from Japan, I was sent over love from WASHOKU Explorer with an opportunity to try their Ramen Kit. For this particular ramen kit, I received the Tonkotsu Ramen Set, which is of a pork fone…

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Recipe: Spinach, Cheese & Egg Pastry

Say Hello to my all-time favourite: The Spinach, Cheese and Egg Roll! I love love love pastry sheets and their possibilities. I’ve always only made savoury treats with these but I have always wanted to venture out to satisfy my sweet tooth side! Maybe one day ☺. I’m so use to shopping in…

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